The cheap variant to the house: Container House

The majority of Germans dream of their own home. However, the costs of many families go beyond the financial framework, leaving many with the desire of having their own home in the distance.  

We searched for a cost-effective solution and found it. We are talking about container houses. Especially here in Germany there are more and more followers of this trend. Some people may shake their heads, but we'll show you how comfortable the units can be based on living examples. 

How much is a container?

The cost of a used container can vary greatly. For a 40-foot (about 12 meters) long container you pay between 1000 and 3000 euros. For the conversion one should estimate per container between 7500-10000 euro. Incidentally, there are hardly any new containers in Germany. One differentiates between the two groups second hand and like new.

Does the container need to be insulated?

Sea containers are constructed as freight containers in lightweight construction. They consist largely of corrosion-resistant steel, which is provided with a protective varnish and a paint finish and on Expodidharzbasis. Therefore, a insulating insulation and a multiple glazing are required to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature and to keep it constant.

Where can I set up the containers?

In building law, not only nationally, but also in regional areas differentiated regulations apply. Therefore, one can not say uniformly whether it is allowed to set up the container, but has to distinguish case by case. It is therefore urgently necessary to read in advance the state building regulations of the respective federal state or to go to the building authority of the municipality to inquire. In addition, it must be distinguished whether the container is planned for the long term or is only used temporarily. If the container is to be set up only over a certain period of time, size in turn plays a decisive role.

The container

The Hamburg company container base sells containers that are used in the classic way for the transport of goods or are converted into housing units by some architects and designers. container base is a well-known contact point for new and used containers worldwide.

Normally, the fewest container houses in Germany are actually built from old ship containers, but already manufactured as standardized units. For example, there have long been containers that meet the energy standard of a passive house.

To increase as desired

That container houses can be quite stylish and colorful, proves this variant. For the construction of the extraordinary house used common shipping containers, which have a length of almost 12 meters and a width of about two meters. The containers can be stacked on top of each other, so that you are wonderfully flexible in the design as a builder. Especially when it comes to increasing the living space, this variant is a clever alternative to the usual house construction. Also, the openings such as door and window can be installed as desired. 

The interior of this house also provides a surprise. With a wooden floor and wooden furniture, this container house is in no way inferior to a modern one-family house.

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Small but powerful

Anyone who gets a little startled at the sight of this container house, because he thinks you have to go outside of his personal hygiene, that is calmed down - because this is only a washing area that is accessible from the outside. The house itself has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. The superimposed containers are connected to each other by a filigree staircase.

Furnished micro apartment

Living in a sea container does not mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. The developer of this micro house managed to turn a 20 foot container into an ideally equipped home. On 13 square meters you will therefore find a combined living room and bedroom, a bathroom and, if necessary, an integrated workplace. On the six square meter terrace you can enjoy the sunshine and let your eyes wander over the surroundings where you have placed your micro house - wherever that may be!

Container village in Berlin

In Berlin Treptow-Köpenick they started a very special project with disused containers: the container village. Here students will find affordable and lovingly furnished apartments. In more than 200 containers you will find small single apartments, 2-person shared flats or living space for up to three people. 

Due to the rust-colored color of the façade, the apartments seem to get used to and not necessarily cozy at first glance. But just this material, namely Corten steel, is extremely resilient and durable. He also promises a good insulation and thus ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

House with a difference

A container house has its charm, but you can not imagine living in it? Then a visit to this exceptional holiday home may be right for you. Here, in South Korea, you can cautiously approach the charm and advantages of a container house and decide at home, whether that style is also for you. 

One of the advantages of this house are undoubtedly the large window fronts, which allow a pleasant, natural living environment. The decor has been kept minimalist and instead lets the environment act instead.

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