9 absolute trend colors for your new wall in 2017

And of course, the new year brings new living trends into our own four walls. Just the right time to think about a new design, right? Are the pieces of furniture still contemporary? Does the bathroom perhaps need a make-over? But if you want to slowly approach, why not try a new wall design? Sometimes it's the little details whose change brings fresh wind into our home again. For this reason, we want to devote ourselves particularly to the trend colors of 2017 today. Those who not only make you feel good but also please your visit. Are you looking forward to great ideas for a trendy wall design? Then have a look!

First Purple and purple: elegance for every room

Two cool shades from home that are perfectly suited to replace the current trend colors of 2016, see blue and pink soon. The year 2017 is therefore completely in her sign. In combination, but also for themselves bring both colors a great, elegant touch in every room. Whether modern or classic, eclectic or creative, with purple and violet as the prevailing wall color, in 2017 it will always be on the right track.

Second Pastel combination of green and gray

Pastel colors, especially in such rooms, increase the harmony in which we often reside - or those in which we joyfully receive our guests. Pastel shades bring a soft contrast into our home and thus noticeably relax neutral rooms. This year, it's the combination of soft greens and grays, while the mint-green pastel is used sparingly for a great sense of home. So if you plan to treat your living room to a new wall design this year, you should take a closer look at this color combination.

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Third White: The timeless evergreen

As in previous years, the color white will remain one of the absolute favorites in 2017 as well. The positive qualities of this actually neutral-looking hue are simply too diverse to be eluded. Not only is the color white timeless, it also makes any room easy to clean up and inviting - whether it's a bathroom or a cuddly living area. Combined with other cool shades like the equally trendy turquoise, the advantages of the whites are particularly apparent - just like in this example.

4th Pearl gray for an inviting decoration

In the new year, the color gray is by no means to be underestimated when it comes to contemporary interior design. We were already able to admire their effect in combination with a green pastel shade. In the absolutely trend-setting Nuance pearl gray, it brings a cool elegance, especially in more restrained designed rooms. But as the keynote of the decorative style, it also creates a harmonious, inviting decoration that your guests will love. Who does not want to take a seat on this sofa?

5th Warm elegance with rosé

Old rose or rosé, as a wall paint, brings a wonderful balance of warmth and restraint to your own four walls. Be it a classic country-style living room or a modern industrial-style loft. Pink shades are amazingly versatile and for this reason one of the favorites for the trend color of the year 2017.

6th Camouflage paint for the kitchen: green with a touch of yellow

Hardly any creature is able to perceive more shades of green than man, it is said. It is not surprising how much this color calms us. Many of us are already taking advantage of this fact in their home. Maybe soon in the trendy pastel combination Mintgreen-Gray. But have you ever thought about the camouflage color green? It is supposed to imitate the natural green of nature very effectively. With its light touch of brown and yellow, it not only has an invigorating effect, but is also extremely harmonious. The perfect color for your kitchen in 2017.

7th Inspiring yellow for the classic living space

The beginning of the year is the time of good intentions. So do not we want to approach the New Year with corresponding optimism and vigor? Which color is better for this than yellow? With her a touch of sunshine blows through our rooms. It has a stimulating and refreshing effect, and by this it combines all the qualities that qualify it as a trend color for the year 2017. Not just for the classic living room, as in this example, but with a wonderfully muted note perhaps even at home.

8th Gray is the color for 2017

We at homify are convinced that the color gray in all its nuances will simply prevail in the new year. It can be used in many ways in our home - be it as a basic tone for inviting pieces of furniture in a decorative style. Or as a great wall paint in a modern or even industrial design. If you prefer a dark gray for your wall, you should also align the decoration accordingly. Dark shades of blue add an elegant touch, while the woody note brings warmth back into the room.

9th Maritime blue tones

At the end of our little journey into the world of trendy colors in 2017 we will once again have a look at a very special shade of blue. Maritime blue tones with their great mixture of green, turquoise and blue are absolute eye-catchers in every home. In modern living rooms, but also as a colorful highlight in the youth room or in the kitchen a great choice. And best of all, you just can not get enough of it, right? By the way: You can find many more, great ideas for more color in the kitchen here: Finish with white walls in the kitchen: 6 ideas to imitate! Sounds like a good plan for the new year, right?

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