Why are pallet furniture so popular?

Surely you have heard of the new trend, seen examples or even built yourself - furniture made of pallets have many great advantages: they are cheap, beautiful, easy to build yourself and they give our apartment a personal touch. Sustainability is also a beautiful aspect that can be combined with pallet furniture. Instead of buying new wood, the existing one can simply be used and recycled. This is not only good for nature, but also very nice for your apartment. The recycling of old materials for furniture and home accessories is called upcycling. The inventor of this trend criticized the constant new production of raw materials 20 years ago. His idea and philosophy of converting old products into new ones and increasing their value is perfectly realized in the construction of a pallet furniture. In this article we have put together some useful information and suggestions.

What's behind the new trend?

Pallet furniture is currently a big topic. But did they really earn the hype? They are the trend of the year and will continue in the future
to be indispensable in the interior design. From the recycled europallets
beautiful furniture can be built - and at low cost. Naturally
Designers are interested in the many possible uses of the former goods carriers
and let them now shine in a new light. No matter if a coffee table, a sofa, a shelf
or a decorative TV cabinet - the imagination knows no bounds and the
Processing the pallets is easy. "Do it yourself" lovers and fans
The industrial style has long since integrated the trend into their living rooms
and enjoy the rustic charm of home-made furniture. We say
YES - they have earned the hype, because leave no other material
Build yourself so fast, so easy, so beautiful furniture!

Why pallet furniture is so popular

For some time industrial design has returned to private households. But what is industrial design? This
Furnishing style is inspired by the design of the old factories.
Metal and raw brick are the epitome of cool style.
Combined with
noble home accessories and high-quality textiles spray the
rustic furniture
a very special charm and convince with style and
Pallet furniture is a great highlight in the industrial look and are in
various forms can be used as furniture. The different wood tones,
make printed writing and signs of use of the last decades
Furniture made of Euro pallets unique, which fits in every living room.
Pallet furniture are true all-round talents that look like a chameleon
Adjust environment - whether as a coffee table in the living room, as a shelf in
of the
Kitchen or as lounge furniture in the garden. How do they love with their edges
Quite, because that's what make them what they are: Hip,
and sustainable furniture with charm.

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Buy pallets

We see them constantly in the supermarket, at the parcel service or in the furniture store. But they are always used as a product carrier and by the supplier
also taken back. But who wants to build a pallet furniture usually needs
equal to several copies. Euro pallets can be used on the internet for a little money
be ordered. Here you have to pay attention to whether the pallets are new or
are needed. Depending on your preferences, the decision is yours, after all
Used pallets that are in good condition have several
Traces of use on your future furniture a particularly beautiful
Miss the industrial look. You can also go to a hardware store or
Nearby furniture store explore whether they offer pallets. So you can
choose directly which ones you like the most and for your purposes the
represent ideal materials.


Pallets are cheap and that is a great reason for processing into a piece of furniture. The price is often between five and
twenty euros and varies mostly on the amount purchased. Additionally, materials like
Screws, rollers and wood for drawers are planned, but what about yours?
Furniture depends. On the Internet are many simple building instructions for
Pallet furniture to find, each with a little manual skill
can implement. Who does not own this, and still a nice copy in
wants to integrate his institution, finds homify many competent experts who offer cool pallet furniture. The cost of finished furniture
are of course a bit higher, because of working time, material and design
must be included.

Do it yourself - build your own furniture

The design possibilities with pallets are almost unlimited. Simple coffee tables made of stacked europallets can be used with
a matching glass plate rounded or equipped with drawers. Four
Pallets that are arranged in a square are ideal as a bed box and
can be increased in any height. Also sofas, garden furniture and
Shelves are easy to build by yourself and between all other pieces of furniture
an absolute highlight. Every DIY fan (do it
yourself) should deal with the construction of such a piece of furniture,
because the results pay off! For seating and tables you should always
Make sure that the furniture is built sturdily enough for safety
to guarantee. Now let's introduce you to three more beautiful specimens, the
you can easily build yourself. We wish you a lot of fun
Try out!

coffee table

The coffee table made of pallets is probably the most popular and simplest furniture to build yourself. Euro pallets can be stacked at any height and provided with roles if required. Depending on the pallet model, the distances between the wooden slats on the surface are different. It is usually worthwhile closing the gaps with the wood of a second pallet or rounding off the entire table with a glass plate. When multiple pallets are used together, the spaces between them can be used as a shelf for books and magazines.

Corner sofa and lounge furniture

With matching cushions and cushions, pallet furniture can be optimally used as a seating area and for lounge furniture. Cushions can be made of foam and covered with a nice fabric. The rustic furniture lends the living room a pleasant flair and is also very cozy. If you want to see more examples, you will find many more ideas in this Ideabook.

A Baardisch with benches for the garden

Pallet garden furniture is a cheaper, greener solution than plastic or teak furniture. For the table three pallets are needed, which are connected with wood screws. The wooden benches are made from two pallets. The palette for the legs is split in the middle and screwed to the seat. Seating and surfaces should always be sandpapered to prevent splintering and clothing wear.


Of course, in humid environments, pallet furniture does not last as long as in the living room or bedroom. Anyone who wants to beautify the bathroom or the garden with pallet furniture should treat the home-made furniture with impregnating paint to increase longevity.

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