The 10 most sensational rockery pictures

When you look at the garden you think of generous green lawns, lush flowerbeds, old fruit trees, shrubs and bushes? Nice
and good, but today we want to show you a garden shape different from this one
classic image and still stand for a century-long tradition
can look back. It's about the rock garden, a delightful and
easy-care alternative to the classic garden. Rock gardens already exist
always around the world - from England to Japan and from France to
Mexico. Today we have ten great rock garden pictures and ideas
brought, which could not be more different, but all the whole
radiate special charm of this garden. Now you just have to
Choose between lush green, cool cactus, cool wet and styled
Design. We wish you a lot of fun in the rock gardens of homify Experts.

Rockery Pictures: Mediterranean

With a Mediterranean rock garden, you can get a holiday feeling home - and, by the way, can look forward to an easy-care outdoor area. Mediterranean rock garden shrubs also thrive excellently in the German climate, the best is an orientation towards the south, to create optimal growth conditions. What is growing in the Mediterranean garden? For example, weeds, milkweed, thistles, dwarf pines, cloves, lavender, sage, lemon balm and also the lilac-flowering thyme, which contrasts beautifully with light-colored stones. Mediterranean stone garden pictures are complemented by matching accessories such as wrought-iron garden furniture, lanterns, columns and terracotta pots and jugs.

Rock garden Pictures: Mexican

As in the Mediterranean, green meadows and lush gardens are uncommon in many parts of Mexico. A rock garden is the perfect choice for those who like to decorate their outdoor area with regional plants and want to spare themselves the annoying gardening in the heat. Rockeries offer heat-loving plants the best conditions for growth, weeds are virtually absent and the plants that grow here are perfectly adapted to extreme conditions. Especially cacti and succulents are true water storage wonders and have no problem at all with strong heat and long periods of drought.

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Rock garden pictures: Japanese

In Japanese gardens, stones are important elements of design. Plants play a subordinate role here, gravel, sand and rocks, however, play an important role. Not only do they become fair and arranged, they exude a calming, meditative effect, they also have a symbolic character. They stand for the cycle of life, for gods, mountains, water and animals, for energy and harmony. To emphasize their importance and to provide serenity and relaxation in the garden, with a special wooden rake, wavy lines in the pebbles and the sand do justice. It is important that as little as possible no beginning and no end of the lines is visible. What is needed is a gentle transition, which also includes the larger stones and rocks in the garden. Are you talking about these harmonious rockery pictures?

Rockery Pictures: Modern

If you love modern minimalism and styled design, comes with a rock garden like this, in Krefeld of SUD [D] EN Gardens and Landscapes was created, fully at his expense. How about, for example, with such a stylish courtyard garden, which manages without any turf and still makes a neat impression? Easy-care gravel, clear lines, corners, edges and square shapes are the focus here. For fresh green accents provide isolated Bux and yew elements and a vegetable garden zone with raised beds and planters.

Rockery Pictures: English

You want a low-maintenance rock garden, but still do not give up lush greenery and colorful flowers? Then the English interpretation is just the thing, because idyllic rock garden pictures than on the British island can be found nowhere. Here the advantages of structuring stone and wildly romantic planting in the flower beds combine to form an idyllic and natural oasis of well-being in the open air. By the way: In England, more precisely in Chelsea Physic Garden in London, is also the oldest, still used as such rockery in Europe, which was created in 1773 and is now a listed building. For its construction, even stones from demolition work in the Tower of London were used at that time.

Rock garden pictures: With water

The combination of stone and water has always been very popular in landscaping. Whether you leave both elements in their natural form, or they interpret straightforward and modern, it is up to the personal taste. Thus, there are always other, individual rock garden pictures. Here, a pond with stone wall, waterfall and path across the water surface was created with geometric clarity and straightforward design vocabulary.

Rockery Pictures: With wood

Wood is also a popular partner for stones in the garden. In this particular rock garden in Kent gravel and stone beds were created on the left and right of a wood path and planted in the prairie prairie style. The whole thing is framed by a wooden screen and subtly structured by colorful wooden and Plexiglas partitions. When it gets dark, sophisticated lighting creates a moody atmosphere. A great garden idea for all who love the special and great rock garden pictures.

Rock garden pictures: With lawn and evergreen

Our rock garden pictures prove: Who decides to stones in the garden does not necessarily have to do without lawn. On the contrary: Rocky gray and lush green harmonize very well with each other and form an appealing contrast. Here, massive granite blocks were given evergreen companions to the side and, in combination with comfortable seat cushions, provide magnificent seating. Also a herbal bed was realized between the blocks. The result is an overall picture that looks modern and rustic, functional and natural at the same time.

Rock garden pictures: On a slope

Planting and cultivating a garden on a slope often presents a great challenge. We recommend rocking. For hillside properties, rockeries are very wonderful, especially on dry, well-drained soil and in a sunny location. The conditions for a required drainage are best given here. For grassing on the slope grasses offer, as they mitigate the rough edges of the stones. Important: The plants should have as large and strong a root system as possible, so that they can find firm hold in the stony hillside.

Rockery Pictures: For animal lovers

To conclude our colorful mixed rock garden pictures and ideas, we show you a very special project that proves that even animals in the stony garden feel comfortable. It is a turtle garden that our experts from Kersten garden projects planned and created for a family and their beloved reptiles in Kleve. In addition to stone, other species-appropriate materials that have been specially adapted to the needs of the animals and lovingly and meticulously finished dominate this charming enclosure.

Well, did you also feel like a rock garden through our article? Pictures, ideas and inspiration for your favorite version of this garden can be found in abundance with the respective experts. Simply click on the desired photo in the lower right corner and you will learn more about the topic.

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