The most beautiful alternatives to the classic bathroom tile

The bathroom is no longer considered as a utility room or wet room. But who is carefree and relaxed in the morning
Day would like to start, often attaches importance to a tastefully decorated
Bathroom. This can be strong to one
contribute to a beautiful attitude to life and give us a hot bath or one
indulge in a relaxing shower. Tiles are an essential material in
(almost) every bathroom. And this is no longer just about the simple variant in white. The
The creative diversity of tiles makes bathrooms so individual today. Thanks a
Enormous selection of colors, shapes, textures and materials can do that for everyone
Find the right one to turn your bathroom into a wellness oasis. It does not matter if you do it
unusual, simple or noble - tiles are so versatile,
that even the same tiles underline different styles
can. But other wall coverings can be used.
In this Ideabook we want to introduce you to the current trends.
Be curious!


The industrial look is the trend with a future. The combination of chic and shabby makes this style of furnishing
unique. The sustainable reuse of used items is
not only praiseworthy for the environment, but also for your interior. Of the
cool look captivates above all by raw materials, which with noble accessories
be staged. Who decides on the industrial look, must
skilfully balancing between old and new in order to create a healthy and comfortable home
To achieve mediocrity between factory and home. The first step, the
To infuse trendy style in your home is a dip in the bathroom
Industrial design. A waterproof concrete color
decorates the walls here and is definitely one of our design ideas
Bath Trends 2016 added. The interplay of the gray mottled color, the
warm wood, the brushed metal of the fixtures and the newfangled
Badkeramik creates a perfect overall picture, which can definitely be seen

glass bricks

Glass blocks are used by many designers as an alternative to tiles. The windows of the past were valid
For a long time as a no-go, in terms of outdoor and indoor design.
But meanwhile, many designers use the versatile
Glass cubes that are particularly reminiscent of the trendy industrial style. Regardless of whether
as a room divider, window replacement or wall paneling - the lightweight
Translucency and the casual look make for a big comeback of
Glass blocks. With indirect lighting and cool colors that make
glass cube a real highlight from your bathroom. Everyone who is one
Badgestaltung of this special kind wishes, can itself of an expert
seek advice.

Are you looking for an architect?
Write us! We're here to help.

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natural stone

Environmental awareness in society is increasing. It is the same with the bond of nature. More and more people value one
Interior design with natural materials. The soothing, original
Impact brings us back to the bottom of the facts and gives a kind
Feeling of security. Also in the bathroom area enjoy natural
Materials are becoming more and more popular. Instead of smooth clay tiles lies the
Natural stone variant with a rough, natural surface in the trend. The picture
shows a beautiful example in which the noble natural stone tiles floor,
Disguised vanity and partition. The different sizes and
Color shades of the stone tiles underline the natural, noble look. who
decides to use the same tile on the floor and wall
Care should be taken to ensure that the design element does not gain the upper hand. By
simple, brightly plastered walls, the overall picture is loosened and rounded.

pebble mosaic

A second variant, skillfully integrating natural stone into the bathroom design, is the pebble mosaic. Known from the more southern parts of Europe,
in which pebble mosaics decorate especially the outdoor areas, find the
natural embellishment is now also entering our bathroom. Already on small
Surfaces, the mosaics are expressive and attract attention. At the
most beautiful it looks when multiple surfaces in the bathroom by this stylistic device
be highlighted. The picture example shows a nice implementation in which the
Pebbles on the one hand in the shower area, on the other hand behind the vanity
are attached. The different shades of color of the stones fit together
harmoniously in the overall design, and grab the color of the wall and
Floor tiles on. In addition, the pebble mosaic serves as a loosening and
Eye catcher in this bathroom. So a touch of Mediterranean flair in yours
Bad disseminated and the loose-fuzzy zest for life in the south

Colorful tiles

For a long time, bathrooms with white tiles and white bathroom ceramics were timeless and modern. These days you have to be a little bit braver
be able to keep up with the latest trends. This trend is coming too
from the more southern parts of the world, from Morocco. Colorful tiles are here
a long tradition and are not only in the bathroom area, but throughout the house
used as flooring. Here in the cool north are the oriental colors
and patterns associated with a wellness idea, the holiday, relaxation, warmth
and serenity. The bathroom is the perfect place to enjoy this
Give a nice trend and bring some variety in the design.
Monochromatic walls and modern sanitary objects become the exciting patterns
skillfully integrated into the elegant design, the north and south as well as tradition
and modernity connects.

Dark colours

For those who have not heard it yet: black rooms are more fashionable than ever. The big myth that dark walls make a room small
and restrictive effect, will be ignored in the future, because black
not only stands for elegance, but also for modernity and innovation.
Of course, it's important to use the darkest of colors correctly,
to create the desired effect, not a cramped crypt. On the
Picture example you can see a bathroom, which is completely in. Except for the ceramic
Black was designed. Through a well-thought-out lighting concept, the room can
brighter and thus look more effective. The combination of dark tiles and
to a matching mosaic, in the shower and behind the sink as
Eye-catcher serves, relaxes the whole a little bit and underlines the modern
Character of the spa. If you want to know how to skillfully use black in other rooms, you should look at this book of ideas.

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