The 10 best colors for the living room!

Whether a strong red, classic earth tones or white as a timeless and beautiful classic: The choice of wall paint can effectively underline our interior and provide us with a
spoil wonderful feel-good atmosphere. On the other hand, the
wrong color also has a negative effect on our house or apartment
to have. It can reduce spaces and create chaos instead of harmony. But on the
At the end, it should always reflect our own personality and ours
Give a personal touch to your home. We have 10 fabulous ideas for you
put together - from fresh, colorful tones to elegant

A fresh spring greeting

This color brings a breath of fresh air into your home: Green is not only one of the trend colors, but gives every room a wonderful wellness factor. Combined with classic colors such as white or beige, it creates a true oasis of well-being.

The color of the ceiling

If you want a real eye-catcher effect, you can not whiten the ceiling but paint it in the same wall color. Here, a beautiful petrol tone and a lighter turquoise were combined - a fresh yet cozy update for the living room! Especially beautiful: the combination of furniture and accessories in beige and white looks stylish and elegant.

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Main thing is gray!

Many are afraid of dark wall colors. They are more than perfect as a base color. As we can see here, for example, a dark gray can be wonderfully provided with colorful accents such as armchairs and cushions, and gets a very special living atmosphere!

Stylish and elegant

Classic does not have to be boring: in this living room, the beige wall design fits perfectly with the wooden furniture. Combined with some pretty accessories in blue and gray as well as the fresh plants, this room gets a cozy atmosphere in which it can relax wonderfully.

A patterned wallpaper

You find your rooms boring and wish you an eye-catcher, which is not associated with much effort? Then a special wallpaper might be the right choice! Whether decorative leaves, as in this example, a colorful mix of new trend colors or decorative patterns such as ornaments or abstract elements: There are endless designs in which you will certainly find something suitable for your home!

Contrasts for rooms with personality

Color contrasts are an excellent way to give your rooms a special flair full of personality. Whether a mix of black and white, fresh pastel shades or intense nuances such as red, which are especially good in combination with white - you have the free choice!

Trend color 2017: Green!

This year we see green - in all rooms. In this example, the various nuances of the trend color were combined with each other, creating an exciting mix with many highlights, while at the same time creating a wonderfully harmonious effect.

Combine bright colors

You love colorful and fresh? Then do not be afraid to combine your favorite colors with each other. In this example, the three colors orange, yellow and green create a happy and infinitely vibrant ambience. Tip: It should not be more than three colors, otherwise it will be difficult to create a harmony.

Natural elegance for the interior: earth colors

Earth colors are classic all-rounders for almost every room and give the interior a wonderfully stylish ambience. In this living room we see a mix of light wood colors and fine taupe combined with white and beige. The result: a warm feel-good atmosphere that looks stylish and modern.

The return of ocher

Add a touch of color to your room: Warm ocher tones can be used as an accent and combined with dark shades of brown or cream nuances. Especially in conjunction with the colonial style shown here, the color creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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