Checklist: Which kitchen utensils do I need?

Whether one moves into the first home, looks for a present for a housewarming party or often cooks a whole
Missing Certain Tools or Aids - A checklist of the most important kitchen utensils can be very helpful on the way to being perfect
equipped kitchen. In this Ideabook we list the most common
Tools and key tools to give you some guidance

Electrical appliances

It goes without saying that appliances such as stoves, ovens, refrigerators and, in the best case, a dishwasher in the kitchen should not be missing. But there are also a whole range of smaller appliances that make life and cooking so much easier for us:


- Toaster

- microwave

- Hand mixer and / or blender

- blender

- water heater

Nice extras as needed:

- juicers 

- rice cooker 

- ice cream machine 

 - food processor 

- egg cooker 

- coffee machine 

- Slicer 

- waffle iron


From the whisk to the salad servers and from the wooden spoon to the strainer - these useful kitchen utensils must not be missing in any kitchen:


- bottle opener

- corkscrew

- tin opener

- spatula

- Wooden spoon

- pasta tongs

- peeler

- grater

- ladle

- whisk

- masher

- scissors

- colander

Nice extras as needed:

- meat fork

- salad spinner

- Pestle and mortar

- pepper mill

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pots and pans

Sauté pan, pressure cooker, steamer, grill pan, casserole, Simmertopf, sauteuse - who really wants to have the perfect pan or the perfect pot for every occasion and every dish needs space in the kitchen. But with this foundation you can already get very far:


- small pot with lid

- big pot with lid

- medium pot with lid

- pan

- Trivet

Nice extras as needed:

- Wok

- kettle

- steaming

- Crepe pan

- Pressure cooker

Around the oven

Which baking utensils you need or like to have in the kitchen depends on how often you like to bake. With these useful helpers you do not do anything wrong:


- baking sheet

- oven rack

- baking dish

- springform pan

- box shape

- Mixing bowl

- baking paper

- rolling pin

Nice extras as needed:

- muffin tin

- Keksausstechformen

- Dough scraper

- pastry brush


How much you hoard at home from the following kitchen textiles is up to you. But there should be a certain foundation:


- oven cloth 

- dishtowels 

- cleaning cloths

Nice extras as needed:

- apron 

- tablecloth 

- napkins

Cut and snip

Anyone who uses his kitchen not only to put a frozen pizza in the oven every now and then or to toss the coffee machine in the morning can not avoid a choice of different knives and cutting boards. The choice is almost limitless. We believe the following models are sufficient:


- bread knife 

- small paring knife

 - bigger meat knife 

- big cleaver

 - knife block

 - Cutting boards in different sizes

Nice extras as needed:

- poultry shears 

- Filetiermesser

 - knife sharpener

measure up

In order for us to get the right amount while cooking and baking, these useful utensils help us:


- big measuring cup 

- small measuring cup 

- kitchen scale

Nice extras as needed:

- Hourglass 

- thermometer


For supplies such as flour, rice, pasta, and cocoa, as well as leftovers left over from cooking, the following tools are indispensable:


- Bowls in different sizes 

- lockable plastic boxes in different sizes

- lockable storage boxes 

- Cutlery insert for drawers 

- aluminum foil 

- Cling film 

- bread bin

Nice extras as needed:

- Mason jars 

- butter dish

cleaning utensils

Order is half the life and hygiene plays an important role in the kitchen. Therefore, these reliable cleaning aids should not be missing in any household: 

 - Spüli 

- sponge 

- mop

 - kitchen roll 

- scouring 

- Trashcan 

- trash bags

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