10 great ideas for the terrace floor

Especially in spring and summer, when the weather is good for us and nature is at its best, we like to stay outside - especially on the terrace. As an extension of the living room to the outside, it is the ideal place to stay, relax or even work. To be able to feel really comfortable here and to be surrounded by a pleasant ambience, the design is an essential part. In addition to a cozy sitting area, colorful flowers and plants as well as decorative accessories, the floor also plays an important role. After all, he belongs to the whole and determines the overall picture sustainably. Which materials you can fall back on and what effect these emanate from, show you the following inspirations! 

1. wood

One of the most popular materials is wood - this also applies to the design of floors. As a floor for the terrace, the building material is particularly noble and exudes a natural charm and testifies to warmth. Above all, hard wood species are ideal, but require a seal with wax or oil, to be protected from the weather. 

2nd field stone

Like wood, stone conjures up a natural, rustic ambience, especially Feldstein. The most rounded stones form a well-shaped surface that is comfortable to enter. The light, beige tone makes for a friendly look and darker wood in the form of furniture comes on it particularly well. 

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3. concrete

Concrete is a building material with an absolute character. It is not for nothing that he has been moving into space for some time and is playing an increasingly important role in interior design. Even as a floor, the cement-gravel mixture cuts a fine figure, especially in the outdoor area. As a terrace floor, it is extremely hard-wearing and resistant and not least makes a statement. 

4. Tiles

Tiles are considered an absolute all-rounder and continue to enjoy great popularity. While tiles with motifs are considered traditional in southern climes, they are increasingly becoming a trend here. And rightly so! Whether with a uniform motif, in playful ornamentation or in different colors - this will make your patio floor guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

5th tone

As a floor covering for your terrace is just as sound. The fired clay has a typical color of iridescent shades of beige, brown and red, which stand out particularly well in a small square shape and give your outdoor area a striking look. Also typical for southern countries, this soil even conjures Mediterranean flair. 

6. Natural stone

Natural stone is a noble and extremely robust raw material. There are different types. For example, slate is just as popular as marble. In its distinctive and graceful anthracite, it is particularly striking and makes your terrace alone a highlight. If it is relatively expensive to buy, you will enjoy it for a long time. It is definitely stylish as well as classic and timeless!

Sensational ideas for natural stone in the garden can also be found in our matching Ideabook. 

7. Rubber granulate

Among the more modern and alternative materials is rubber granules. The WARCO patio slabs are easy to lay, without any need for screwing or gluing, and the elastic material gives a pleasant feeling of kicking. Also, the rubber granules insulated against heat and cold and provides noise protection, which makes this material a real all-rounder. The plates also look really stylish in elegant gray. 

8. Gravel

Gravel joins the genus of rocks and mineral rock types, gravel is characterized by its specific grain size and is also referred to as loose sediment. This is especially noticeable when you enter the round stones, they are quite flexible and easy to move. Nevertheless, planters and furniture find a firm hold on it and can be set up perfectly. In addition, not everyone has a terrace floor made of gravel, so he guarantees a not unusual sight. 

9. Textile

A floor covering made of textile such as in the form of a carpet provides not only in the interior for a homely-cozy ambience, but also on the terrace. If the material is very susceptible to rain and moisture, a carpet is more suitable for covered outdoor areas. Held in a natural tone and bound, for example, from bast, this guarantees a pleasant feeling of pedaling as well as an extra of homeliness. 

10. Material combination

If you find it difficult to choose between all the materials, you can count on a combination of different building materials. Wood, stone and concrete, for example, skilfully harmonize with each other and create a varied design that also provides suspense. How you relate the materials to each other is up to you and your personal taste. Creativity is more than allowed!

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