Decorating with fairy lights: tips and tricks

We all know fairy lights as a sparkling decoration on the Christmas tree or as Christmas lights in the window. But the little lights do not always have to look like Christmas. We decorate with the colorful lights already in the dark autumn time and thus conjure up our entire home cozier, more individual and brighter. 

Whether with LEDs or colorful light bulbs, decorated with fabric or paper, in the bedroom or living room: fairy lights immerse everything in their beautiful glow and create a friendly, playful atmosphere that lifts our spirits in the dark months, even if it always darkened earlier becomes.

We'll show you the most beautiful models, tell you what to look out for and how to arrange fairy lights in the most original way.

Versatile fairy lights

Fairy lights are available in their purest form, ie without fairing, or in the version with fabric or paper covers. We find that the atmospheric lights with a decorative shell look even more homely and are ideal for decorating. You can make such panels for the small bulbs themselves, but it should be ensured that the substance, or the paper, can not come into direct contact with the bulb. Otherwise there is a risk of fire! Special spacers provide the necessary security for such do-it-yourself projects. 

If you do not want to do handicrafts, but still want to bring the colorful room decoration into the house, our experts of La Case de cousin Paul to offer a variety of fairy lights in a variety of rainbow colors. Every single lamp is surrounded by a circular membrane, which decoratively spreads the light.

In this picture, a frame was filled instead of a painting with a colorful fairy lights. This creates a fancy, comfortable room decoration. A round light blue light resumes the theme of the pretty light garland.

Fairy lights as a wall decoration

A particularly popular place for fairy lights - off the fir tree of course - is the bedroom. Because here we benefit especially from the warm, soothing atmosphere that creates such lighting.

When attaching the garlands, you can let your creativity run wild: Whether here artfully draped on the wall or wrapped around a bed frame is up to you. 

What you should pay attention to when attaching, however, is that the bulbs should have no direct contact with substances, such as the bedding. Again, there is a risk of fire. If you want to attach the fairy lights along the wall like in this picture, you can use transparent double-sided adhesive tape or insert individual dowels into the wall and drape the lights along it.

Incidentally, this glowing wall decoration looks particularly beautiful if the chosen fairy lights either perfectly match the color of the wall, as here, or skilfully contrasts.

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Luminous vase

Another original way to decorate with fairy lights is to lay the colorful lights loosely together in a large glass bowl or vase. This creates a luminous art object. 

In this picture, the twinkling lights replace the bouquet of flowers on the bedside table: The parts are arranged so that they look out of the vase like a bouquet. A beautiful accent that is also suitable for allergy sufferers!

Set accents

Although light chains are not suitable for illuminating an entire room due to their weak luminosity, they can set beautiful accents and contribute positively to the mood in the home. In addition, they are particularly great in the staging of individual furniture or home accessories. So every window frame with a glowing garland gets an atmospheric frame. This also works with shelves or pictures placed on the wall.

Here, for example, a rather minimalist, black and white inscribed wall decoration with the versatile lighting circles was upgraded. Above all, who wants to present his fairy lights on the wall, should also pay attention to the cable: It should on the one hand be sufficiently long and on the other hand to adapt well to its environment. Transparent or decorative, colorful cables are ideal.

Special design

This string of lights impresses with its shell made of felt. Inside pink and outside gray, the beautiful piece reminds of fresh flower calyces. Monochrome lights in the interior create an enchanted light mood as in the fairytale forest. 

This piece looks especially good for a rustically furnished home or shabby chic.

Rainbow in the living room

This rather traditionally furnished living room is given the finishing touch with a rainbow-colored light chain. The cheerful color accent was fixed vertically to the wall and looks almost like a floor lamp. More colorful accessories complete the cheerful overall picture.

Incidentally, whereas light bulbs used to be used in the past, LEDs today often perform this task. The latter have the advantage that they do not heat up and are energy efficient. In addition, they are available in many different light colors. For example, to create a warm, homey atmosphere with fairy lights, one should be careful to choose a color temperature between 2,200 and 2,700 Kelvin. In contrast, we get cold white light if we choose the variant of 3,000 to 3,500 Kelvin. 

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