6 simple tips to set up a small nursery

Children need space to develop freely, to let off steam, to get creative and have fun. As the nursery, however
in the fewest cases takes gigantic proportions and usually not exactly that
Largest room in the house is, it is important to note some things to the offspring
nevertheless enough space and free space to offer. Who a few little tricks and
Kniffe knows and follows, conjures even on a few square meters a great
Children's room, in which play wonderful, romp and sleep. We
have brought you six foolproof tips to help you get started
set up a small nursery and both functional and chic and
child-friendly design.

storage space

Storage space is everything in the nursery - no matter how big or small it is. In the room of the youngest family members accumulate in the course of time tons of things, from toys of all kinds on books, school, painting and craft tools to clothes and accessories. There is just chaos on just a few square meters. To keep track and store everything neatly and conveniently, storage solutions are needed. Baskets and boxes that disappear in and on shelves, under the bed or the desk, are ideal for small children's rooms. Even beds with built-in drawers, built-in wardrobes or seating with storage space under the seat are a good solution to save space, to keep order and to accommodate everything that may not be missing in the nursery.

Space-saving, flexible and multifunctional furniture

The right furniture is a deciding factor when it comes to setting up a small nursery. In order to save space, flexible and multifunctional pieces of furniture are in demand, such as a chest of drawers that also provides storage space and serves as a changing table, or a loft bed, under which a desk, a cupboard or a cozy corner can be installed. Practical are also benches, chairs and stools with storage space under the seat or a baby bed, the grows and transformed into a bed for toddlers when needed. Another option is collapsible furniture. For example, table and chairs can quickly disappear when the little ones are done with their homework or painting or crafting, and there is more room in the small children's room to play and run around. For example, if there is not enough room in the baby's room for a changing table and a baby cot, you can buy a bed with an attachable plate for wrapping and thus beat two important pieces of furniture with one stone.

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Take advantage of every corner

Creating storage space also requires a well thought out spatial planning. Too often, the corners of a room remain unused. Here are practical corner cabinets or hanging nets, in which, for example, dolls and cuddly animals find space. In this way, corners and angles are no longer a lost space. In addition, you should definitely use the height in the small nursery and, instead of building in width, prefer to orientate yourself upwards. Narrow, high wardrobes are a good solution, and of course, like all furniture in the nursery, they must be well secured and fastened to the wall. The upper compartments then provide space for things and clothes that you do not need every day. The space between the piece of furniture and the ceiling can also be used on the cabinets or shelves, for example with boxes and baskets as additional storage space.

color design

The color design always plays an important role when setting up small rooms. White makes every tiny room appear more generous and spacious. But since children love color and need it for their development, one can instead resort to soft, light pastel shades or just make a wall in the room in a specific color. If the walls prefer to stay white, colorful accents are set with colorful accessories such as curtains, carpets and bed linen. However, you should make sure in small children's rooms that it is not too colorful and of course not too dark. Otherwise the room seems fast restless and tight. In the design of the children's room, furnishing experts advise a maximum of two to three colors - as bright and well coordinated as possible. Which colors are particularly suitable for children's rooms in general and which nuances suit which personality, you will learn in our children's book Ideas colors and their effect.

Optical illusion

Cheating a room with light wall colors is only one option. There are many more tricks that make smaller spaces seem more spacious and generous. For example with mirrors on the cabinet doors or on the wall opposite the window. Here they reflect the light particularly well and make the room brighter. Or with floating furniture. So you should not, for example, a sideboard down, but hang on the wall. Even if it's only ten inches off the ground floats, creates a completely new sense of space and the whole room looks airier and bigger. For the same reason, one should also opt for the brightest possible furniture and, at best, match their color to the color of the walls. In addition, simple, straightforward pieces of furniture look slimmer and space-saving than massive, massive and ornate models.

Keep order

At the annoying parental spell Here it looks again, as if a bomb had hit. Finally clean up your room! we can all remember each other pretty well. Especially in small children's rooms, it is really important to keep order, because a certain peace, clarity and structure spares the nerves of parents and children alike. We have already mentioned the importance of storage space. However, this should also be well structured and presented logically for the kids. That means: in one box only Lego bricks, in the other the painting things and on the shelf the books. It is advisable to teach the little ones consistently that after playing everything immediately comes back in its place before the next toy is brought out. If you label boxes, baskets and drawers or provide them with pictures, it will be easier to clean up and keep order. If you want to set up a small children's room, you should therefore put less on open shelves and more on closed cabinets and dressers or equip the shelves with boxes, because open subjects look messy quickly and tempt to tear everything out, but not really on anything focus.

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