40 stylish deco trends that you should definitely try out in 2017

It is the small details that make our home a real home. No matter whether you like it luxurious or classic, modern or even eclectic. In order for your home to become something very special, we have put together 40 decor trends for you today that you should absolutely know. They are all wonderfully suited to make your entire home design around them. How do they say: Every journey starts with the first step. The perfect home design starts with a little detail. So let's start the journey into the world of decor trends together and look into it! Here we go!


First Round shapes for the heart of your home

Round footstools and ottomans will quickly become the soft heart of your own home as comfortable seating.

Second Restored suitcases as a bedside table

Lovingly restored, old suitcases offer not only storage space but also a very special eye-catcher - for example as a bedside table next to your bed in the bedroom.

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Third Plum: trend color for upholstery dreams

Those who like it elaborate and yet modern, can not avoid the trendy color. As a subsequent upholstery inexpensive and trendy at the same time.

4th Long curtains, deep chandeliers

Long curtains in combination with low hanging chandeliers. Maximum opulence that immediately gives your guests the perfect eye-catcher. Great feature: Here, the room seems larger than it is unique and acts alone not only much more inviting, but also more luxurious.

5th Comfortable velvet sofa

In modern as well as industrial style, it is the cool tones that look particularly good. In conjunction with a velvet sofa it's the real dream!

6th Bookshelves as a touch of personality

A bookshelf is not only nice to look at, but also incredibly practical. Spread over the entire wall, it becomes the perfect wall decoration with an inimitable personal touch.

7th Residential decor and wall color as tone-on-tone

A spectacular effect that makes the piece of furniture almost invisible. Cool colors are particularly suitable for this, whereby the wall color always depends on the color of the sofa - and not vice versa.

8th Details that are repeated in your facility

Repeating patterns like the pillowcase and the art print here testify to your eye for detail. But also for your guests it's a great detail.

9th Geometric inspired accessories

One of the absolute living trends of the past year are pieces of furniture and accessories in geometrically inspired shapes. In this example, we see why!

10th Eclectic look for the wall

When it comes to modern wall design, there are so many more options than just wall paint or pictures. Different mirrors and ornaments bring light into the room and even create an almost eclectic look.

11th Hanging shelf as an interesting alternative

Instead of opting for the classic wall shelf. How about times with shelves hanging from the ceiling?

12th Roof beams in industrial look

A developed roof truss gains enormous charm, the existing roof beams are not hidden, but instead worked up in an authentic industrial look.

13th The trend of living par excellence: the natural stone wall

Set out to delight us not only in urban lofts, but to bring in every house a very special flair: the natural stone wall. Absolute trend!

14th Low hanging light balls

As a modern form of the chandelier, light balls have begun the triumphal procession in our living rooms. Hanging from the ceiling, they just look fantastic, right?

15th Sauna in the attic

A sauna in your own four walls is the perfect way to make use of otherwise unused rooms in the attic.

16th The nautical railing

A thick rope on the wall next to the stairs not only provides a fresh wind in the living design, but is also extremely practical.

17. Ladder instead of wall shelf or cabinet

A lavish ladder keeps it in front of the recycling yard and also gives our home storage space and personality. For example as a great display for kitchen utensils.

18th Lamp from a mason jar

The darling for the artisans among you: a lamp from an old mason jar. Made fast and absolutely unique!

19th Flower decoration in the minimalist bedroom

Above all, our bedroom needs harmony. Instead of putting on bold features, cut flowers bring naturalness and color in the minimalist bedroom. Perfect!

20th A sky of mosquito net

Extremely practical in the summer, but beyond that an interesting detail: the mosquito net. A mix of tropical holiday feeling and romantic hideaway.

21st The fireplace must not be missing in any good design

A fireplace in winter is the undisputed heart of every home. As a subsequent installation variant definitely an accessory that you should think about, if you have not already.

22nd Tailored bookshelf with unusual course

Bookshelf convey personality. So why not give the bespoke shelf a bold twist? Whole as well as in this example. As a band it runs close to the ground and only sometimes reappears like a lighthouse in the eye of the beholder.

23rd Thin ropes for the home office

Thin, wall-mounted wires and ropes provide space for pictures and small notes, keeping the home office tidy. It is also great to watch.

24th Pastel shades are trendy

As in previous years, light pastel shades are once again one of the trendiest living trends. Especially as a color for shelf heaven an absolute eye-catcher.

25th Unfinished look for the colored wall

A colored unfinished wall lets the room appear in a completely different light, as in this example. A great trend somewhere between modern, industrial and creative to locate.

26th The minimalist desk

A simple wooden board, sealed and two feet. The modern desk of today does not need any more. Transportable and chic at the same time.

27th Wine and fruit boxes as a small table

The vibrant wood tone of upgraded fruit and wine crates breathes life and creativity into your home design. Perfect for example in the bedroom.

28th Big, dark lampshades

Gone are the days when the ceiling light should simply become invisible. Trendy can now hang it in the room and even play as a big, dark lampshade in the foreground.

29th Black and white contrast in the kitchen

White floors, dark walls. This greatest possible contrast of black and white elements makes the kitchen an undreamt-of feel-good place. You can barely get enough of her, right?

30th Vinyls in the extravagant XL format

Vinyls can be individually tailored and worked. In addition, they are just as easy to install as to remove. In extravagant XL format as in this example for bedrooms so also very suitable.

31st Handmade mural painting

A personal touch for your bedroom is certain with a handmade mural. More personality and style just does not work.

32nd Creative entertainment for the bathroom

In the bathroom it may be entertaining this year. For example with colorful decor elements such as cute fish or naturally running water lines.

33rd Great wall pattern - without color

Wall design is a big topic this year. Even without color highlights are possible, as this example proves. 

34th Leather accessory makes the difference

A leather accessory in places where you would not expect, for example, the mirror in the hallway can make a difference.

35th Revival of the folding mirror in the bathroom

For a long time frowned upon as old-fashioned, he finally celebrates his well-deserved comeback: the folding mirror proves to be not only practical in the bathroom, but also as a shapely, elegant utensil.

36th Let the structure of the house visible

Again, we see how roof beams were not hidden, but deliberately integrated. Great side effect of this trend: The interior design can also take advantage of the shape of the house or the loft apartment. The result is a very personal home - and that's always trendy.

37th Transparent walls

A bright home is inviting and comfortable. Transparent walls allow natural daylight to flow in places that would otherwise be excluded by massive walls.

38th Blackboard color for the young kitchen

Easy to install and not expensive at all: blackboard color makes every kitchen wall an interactive experience and is therefore absolutely in line with the trend again.

39th Antique styling

Whether Victorian or colonial, antique pieces of furniture bring the charm of the wide world into your home.

40th Shabby chic for the industrial kitchen

It can not be said otherwise: Shabby chic and industrial design harmonize wonderfully with each other. No wonder that this combination is currently more in demand than ever in kitchen planning.

But even beyond shabby chic we have among other things 10 inspirations for a kitchen design, which compiled enthusiastically. Have a look!

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