9 tricks to beautify the home with little money

Just to beautify his home sounds like a lot of money and effort. But our 9 tricks prove that this does not necessarily have to be the case. We have made sure that all tips can be realized with relatively little money and work. So if we want to spice up your home, then look no further than our design and decoration ideas, and soon new flair can spread through your four walls!

1. Muck and reorganize

There is hardly anything less elegant, luxurious and appealing than chaos and stuff lying around. Too many items and accessories can sometimes seem messy and cheesy, so it's important to sort out your belongings and use only selected items for decoration.

2. Make the bed to the four-poster bed

Curtains, curtains and canopy are a cheap, effective and hopelessly romantic way to spice up your bedroom. Prefers to use light, transparent fabrics. So you avoid that the room seems too full and overwhelming and still get the cozy and luxurious atmosphere.

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3. Faux fur accessories

A well-made faux fur rug is almost indistinguishable from real fur and can be left in the house with a clear conscience. Invest in a cozy, large-sized rug or blanket (as in this example) and place it on or in front of the sofa, bed or stool. This is not only cozy, but also one 

4. Artworks or (own) photos

If you have some nice snapshots in stock, you can use selected photos as decoration, be it in a beautiful frame or drawn on canvas. The same works of course with art prints or paintings. With this type of wall design, the hall, bedroom, living room or dining area are pimped in no time.

5. Mix of patterns and materials

Various patterns and materials ensure that the decor does not seem so boring and monotonous. Try it quiet and experiment in this area with many different sounds and surfaces. If you do not dare or need some help, you can simply contact one of our experts. 

6. Fresh flowers

Nothing can go wrong with a real classic! Put fresh flowers in your home and see how it turns from boring and dreary to cheerful and chic.

7. Curtains from the ceiling

Luxurious accommodations often have high ceilings. If you do not live in an old building, you can easily fool around this effect by placing your curtains directly under the ceiling and not just at the height of the windows. This gives the impression of a higher ceiling height and gives the extra touch glamor.

8. The right lighting

If there is only one thing you can change in your home, opt for the lighting. Lamps have a big influence on the look and ambience of your rooms, so you should definitely start there. 

Keep your eyes peeled for special designs and opt for a large, eye-catching light to add some extra luxury to your home.

9. Stylish bath

The bathroom is often rather simple and boring in many houses and apartments. To beautify the area, make sure to keep the bathroom clean and put bits and bobs in cabinets and drawers. The accessories should fit together and decide on a color concept in which you can then include tiles, bath mat, shower curtain, towels and accessories.

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