How can I integrate a walk-in wardrobe into my bedroom?

A walk-in closet is the dream of every woman. But many men can also make friends with the idea of ​​having an extra room
to own clothes, shoes and accessories. Many know that
Dressing room from Hollywood movies or luxury apartments. That's it
not so impossible to have a walk-in closet in your home
to set up. This does not necessarily require an empty, separate room
which has access to your bedroom. With a
little space, a few simple tricks and a little manual skill,
your massive wardrobe will soon be a thing of the past. We would like
Explain to you today how you have a walk-in closet in yours
Bedroom can integrate. Of course you can also get a homify expert
engage in this work for you. Who wants, can even walls
let the dressing room become a separate room. We'll show you today how you have the luxurious dream
come true.

Where and how big should the dressing room be planned?

The first step to setting up your own walk-in closet is to set the size. Look around in your bedroom and weigh up where the walk-in wardrobe should be placed or can be placed. Note that your old wardrobe can either be integrated into the project or otherwise used. Other furniture such as bed, dresser and armchair can be reorganized to make room for the dressing room. For example, one option would be to place the walk-in closet behind your bed. The bed can then be simply placed on the new wall or the rear wall of the cabinet. A dessert on the left and right, a nice picture over the bed and the new bedroom is ready!

A cabinet as a room divider

The easiest way to integrate a walk-in wardrobe into your bedroom is to have two large closets facing each other
align. A cabinet is here, as shown in the image example, as
Room divider used. The cabinet should go up to the ceiling, as it can be secured there for safety. Of course the whole game can also be over
Eck take place by placing two wall units at 90 degrees to a corner
aligns. Just look how your bedroom is cut and which one
Opportunities to offer themselves. Make sure you have enough space to work
to be able to move and move in your walk-in closet. The
Rear wall of the cabinet, which serves as a room divider, of course, must be properly disguised. light
Wood-based materials are perfect because they are painted and even wallpapered
can be. Of course you can not the new walk-in dressing room as room
Nevertheless, you can create a small area that is only for
your clothes are reserved.

Are you looking for an architect?
Write us! We're here to help.

Get free advice

Have a separate room built

A professional can get a lot more out of your bedroom. It can be fed new walls, the one
create the right space. For this, your bedroom should be a bit bigger
to ensure sufficient space for the dressing room. The room can also
be equipped with a space-saving sliding door. So disappears
Complete cabinet from your bedroom and you have room for nicer furniture
and home accessories.

Choose the right materials

In order to design the dressing room exactly to your wishes, you have to choose the right colors and materials. As the cabinet area
open to one side, it's best to design yours to the rest of yours
Bedroom to adapt. If you have white furniture, you should also use white materials
Those who choose wooden furniture should choose wood to create a coherent overall picture
achieve. In general, however, light materials are better suited, since they are the
small, probably windowless room, lighten up a bit.

Organize the place cleverly

Before you start running to buy a closet, you should check what clothes you have. Of the
The sense of a walk-in closet is clothing, accessories and shoes
to organize as clearly as possible. Who many shirts and blouses
should make sure you have enough space to hang it up.
However, long dresses and winter coats need a deeper space to
to be hung without creasing. For belts, ties and others
Accessories there are special devices in which these save space and
can be accommodated clearly. Also a laundry basket should be in yours
walk-in closet, so you can move in directly
between clean and dirty can distinguish. It also comes with shoes
High heels are of course always nice to look at - sneakers
however, instead of looking for a chic look, it could be more of a showy one
Smell in your wardrobe. If you have all sorts of shoes here
If you want to keep it, you should have some nice boxes or boxes
purchase, in which they can be stowed.

Good light for good visibility

Light is especially important in a dressing room. After all, you want to be able to recognize the colors of your clothes correctly. In a dark dusky light, it can quickly happen that a black and a dark blue sock are selected. This can cause embarrassing moments at the later meeting. A bright ceiling light provides a decent basic light, while spotlights can be aimed directly at the clothes. For those who like something more luxurious, special shelf lighting is possible, which is mounted directly to the underside of the floors and illuminates everything in the area underneath. If you want to implement the DIY version of the walk-in wardrobe, you can also work with clamp or floor lamps.

Embellish the wardrobe

An accessory that should not be missing in any walk-in wardrobe is a mirror. So you can directly your outfits
check without having to go to the bathroom or to the bedroom. At the next
Design your imagination knows no bounds. If you have enough space, you can
Of course, choose a cozy armchair on which sit the best friend
can, while trying on the clothes for your next date. Besides, they are
pretty baskets for accessories, a bowl for jewelry or decorative boxes
A good choice to beautify your new dressing room. On the
Picture example you can see a generous dressing room, whose design is not
only luxurious, but also cozy. The fluffy carpet does it
easier in the morning to pick the right clothes with cold feet.
Plus, you'll see the perfect example of how beautiful baskets and boxes fill the room
can upgrade. If you have a small bedroom into which under no circumstances can a walk-in closet be integrated, you do not have to be sad. In this book of ideas you will find beautiful and practical cabinets that look good in every bedroom.

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