15 ways to integrate the TV into the bedroom

When asked if you should have a TV in the bedroom, the ghosts divorced. We think there is nothing more comfortable,
to fall into bed after a long, busy day and with the latest
Follow the favorite series finally shut down properly, or at one
rainy Sunday to sleep well and then relaxed with a good movie
to start the day. For inspiration, we have 15 options
brought along, how you can integrate the TV in your bedroom.

2. Inconspicuous

We continue with a stylish bedroom, in which the TV was integrated quite unobtrusive and harmonious. It becomes part of the wall and is not the central hub of the room.

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3. partition

Another way to connect a TV to the bedroom is to turn it into a room divider that separates the sleeping area from the sitting area.

4. Slim

Even in small bedrooms there is room for the flat screen: simply hang it on the wall.

5. On the shelf

Here, the television was harmoniously inserted into the room divider shelf and thus gets a prominent place, but without too much to focus on.

6. side

If there is no space in front of the bed, you can also attach the TV to the side wall. Swiveling substructures or support structures ensure an optimal cinema feeling without having to get lost.

7. Mini version

It does not always have to be the XXL Plasma TV. A small screen fits discreetly into the room concept and still fulfills its purpose.

8. cupboard

Cabinet walls are only something for the living room? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

9. A line

If you put the TV unit furniture and accessories aside, picking up on its no-frills design language and its purist design, the overall picture looks much more harmonious and harmonious.

10. Seating Area

Why not set up a cozy sitting area in the bedroom? Bonus points are available for roaring log fire.

11. stalemate

Another alternative: just let the TV hang down from the ceiling.

12. 2 in 1

In this room not only bedrooms and offices are skilfully combined, but also PC and TV.

13. Who has the choice, ...

A good book or a nice movie? Here you have both at your fingertips - and both the reading material and the flat screen were stylishly and elegantly integrated into the room concept.

14. ... is in agony

Also in this bedroom, the favorite hobbies stay together in the smallest of spaces. Netflix or Baseball - what can it be today?

15. Simple elegance

Here, the TV becomes a perfectly integrated accessory, harmoniously matched to the rest of the bedroom furniture.

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