Outdoor lighting: 10 ideas for terrace and garden

We love long summer evenings on our terraces. With the right lighting
the terrace or the adjoining garden we put
our individual outdoor areas great scene. Relax with a glass
Wine? Or would you prefer to prepare a four-course meal with friends? Depending on which
Purpose we want to use our terrace, offer very different lighting concepts

In our new Ideabook we present 10 possibilities, like our terraces
to make a cozy place, the even to the rest of the house design
fits. Here we go!

1. Illuminate different surfaces correctly

optimal lighting, we create an atmosphere that helps us
to make our garden a great piece of nature where we can relax. Small indirect
Lights in the floor or on a wall produce a subtle warm light. On the other hand, terraces where we want to eat in summer need a rather powerful lighting.
By the way, you can also create a great atmosphere with small lanterns and
Wind lights that you just place where you are
want to stop.

2. The extended living room

In this example, we can see how living areas expediently expand outwards
to let. Large floor to ceiling windows in the living room and kitchen open the view to the
Terrace and in the further garden area. Different seats like on the
actual terrace, under a tree or on a wall will be with
different lamps staged. These are either as down-facing spots
attached to the wall or anchored in the ground between plants so that
beautiful points of light arise. On the dominant terrace with wooden pergola
we find two beautifully designed hanging lamps that give the impression of an outdoor living room
reinforce once again.

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3. Modern and cozy

have constantly evolved in recent years. Next to her
The main task of providing light is above all else today
great looker. Deliberately placed, lamps can be spaces inside or outside
shape. The lights in our example come as illuminated
Flower pots therefore. Due to the sturdy material polyethylene, the lamps are also in the
Exterior protected from the weather and are therefore suitable for
Areas where it likes to rain. The lamps were equipped with LED bulbs
equipped, which consume almost 70 percent less energy than conventional ones

4. Safety for dark steps in the garden

Honestly: Who of us has not ever been on the path over steps and slopes
wanted dark garden and stumbled it? Straight terraces become frequent
reached over several steps, which are sometimes in the dark, that
the steps are hardly recognizable. That's why lighting is here
important. Just a few small spots are enough to illuminate the steps.
Our tip: always install the lights so that they can not dazzle the eyes.

5. Dinner in a cozy atmosphere

gives in summer hardly anything more beautiful than with friends or family
Spend dinner outdoors. Due to the appropriate lighting receives the
Atmosphere then very special charms. A candle is heard on the table
actually always a festive meal. Especially in the open air
Lanterns in beautiful glasses good. More subtle
Lights between plants or modern lamps on the wall of the house are used to dive
Scenery in a cozy atmosphere that invites you to stay. And if you are
then still has such a great view as in our example? We would be anyway
invited here!

6. Romantic sea of ​​lights

We find this idea funny and extraordinary! Here are the
House residents simply use their outdoor area with many fairy lights that we
actually from the Christmas season, illuminated. The result is an incredible
romantic atmosphere, for rest and relaxation. Because although the lighting
consists of countless small points of light and would have to appear restless, are the
warm light sources very gently for the eyes and remind us a bit
a swarm of little fireflies. Advantage of such a light decoration: The
Chains can be found on trees and shrubs, furniture and sculptures
fasten and are easy to put on and off. In natural gardens can such
Fairy lights also serve for spot lighting, for example as
Deco in an old cherry tree.

7. Spectacular effects for wooden terraces

lighting the rooms or walls from the ground often creates a particularly exciting atmosphere.
In our example, at the edge of a wooden terrace were various spots
taken in, which illuminate a wall between bamboo plantings. There are
there are some lounge furniture and side tables - the spectacular scene is done
for the late evening.

8. Sunshade thought differently

When we think of umbrellas, we think of theirs first of all
Function to protect us from too much sunlight during the day. In the evening against it
They usually lead a stepmotherly existence. But that does not have to be how
we see in our example. Here, the residents have something funny
come in and the struts on the bottom side of the open screen
equipped with some small lights. This can be done, for example, in form
realize a small fairy lights. Together with other light sources
creates a beautiful ensemble on the terrace. On the cozy sofa
On rainy days we can not look at the starry sky like that, but like that
do as if he would seem that evening as well.

9. Floor lamps for special lighting effects

Floor lamps
We actually know lights and fixtures from the interior of a house.
But in recent years they are also for terraces, walls or ponds
have become great eye-catchers that accentuate beautiful areas in the garden.
Depending on what your own style looks like, there are the lamps in many forms
and colors. You can either terraces, as in our example, only discreetly
illuminate. By contrast, lamps in bright colors create extraordinary ones
Eye-catcher for happy festivals of all kinds.

10. Equip pools with lamps

Being happy, having a pool is great
Possibilities of lighting. But lights play a special role, though
it's about safety. Because a pool that hides in the dark, can one
represent a special accident risk. Out
For this reason, a pool should always be lit in the evening. Mostly
are located on the bottom of the pool or its inner pool edges spots,
which illuminate the water. Paired with whirlpool whirlpools, here arises one
particularly noble appearance.

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