10 great ideas to separate living and dining rooms

Living and eating in separate rooms? It used to be that once. Today, we are more excited about having both things of everyday life in one
Room are housed. Far too beautiful are our sofas, chairs and dining tables,
as if they needed to hide behind closed doors. In the open spaces we live as a family, meet friends
and love the expanse of space even when we are only for ourselves. Nevertheless
Sometimes it makes sense to discreetly share the big room, for example
in the areas of living and eating.

You think that sounds easier than it is in
Reality is? No problem! We researched ten ideas, like you
divide your rooms so without destroying them optically.

1. Furniture for Multimedia and Co.

Of course, the living room is a place for peace and quiet
Relaxation. But many of us can relax with television, radio or Blueray. We just do not always want to see the many multimedia devices. In
our first example is a beautiful piece of furniture made of high quality wood for
the division of space between the dining room and the lounge. But this cabinet offers
no storage space for any kind of things. Because here is especially space for video and
Audio devices, receivers and game consoles that hide discreetly. Only the
large flat screen indicates that there is still wood behind the facade
more is located.

2nd division by style breaks

To divide a room into two different areas, you need
We do not always have a physical element like a wall, a shelf or a shelf
massive cabinet. Our second example shows vividly that also with the help of
different designs to make a separation. So in the dining room is a rather round
Optics present in subtle colors. In the living area we have dark ones
stylish lounge furniture with straight lines and edges. Shapes, colors and
Decoration are common elements to structure rooms. Also with
different wallpapers can be such an appearance. Try out!

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3. Masonry round arches

Admittedly, such an idea can not be changed overnight
realize. Because that requires a bit of spatial planning activity. And also a corresponding height should be given in the room. Yet:
The bricked and then plastered arches come in this room to great advantage.
While on the one hand kitchen bar and dining table were housed, the peeps
Living area through the arches - and all on a consistent
fantastic tiled floor, which brings everything back together in one unit.

4. The fireplace in the center of the room

Those of us who have a cuddly winter
Being able to look forward to a place by the blazing log fire, can be lucky.
Even more effective is such a fireplace when it is in the middle of the open living space
located and separates dining and living room from each other. A, as we think,
effective and decorative border that was set here. Great for the fireplace is the Victorian table with chairs. Stately! 

5. staircases

When we talk about open living areas, we mean
often a room or a hall, which are located on one floor. But that
does not always have to be like this. Because even a room on the ground floor can be
wonderful with a gallery on the next floor -
provided that the different floors are in height with each other
are connected.

6. Curtain, open yourself!

Curtains belong to us, if at all, to windows, so that we can protect ourselves in the evening from prying eyes. But
Curtains are also an interesting solution to two rooms quite subtly
separate from each other - without closing the border completely. Advantage
This rather inexpensive solution: The curtain is very easy for
open a large common room or discreetly close, as soon as more privacy is desired. 

7. Elegant transparency

Sometimes we do not need a big break at two
To accentuate living areas. A simple sculpture, a collection of pictures
or a musical instrument can help to spot different room corners
put. In our seventh example it is very elegant. Here supports one
black glossy wing the spatial separation. With a little imagination
we're all sure something in the house that can do such a thing, right?

8. folding doors

One or the other of us knows each other from the times of ours
Parents and grandparents. There is talk of so-called folding doors that are back in vogue
lie. Depending on your needs, you can make two rooms from one room or solve them
Break up again. Such systems are ideal for families, for example
where the offspring likes to watch TV while mom and dad are alone
would entertain.

9. Furniture as a room divider: simple and flexible

Especially in modern households you make your life very much
easy and uses a piece of furniture as a room divider. Depending on how open or
closed the optics should be at the end, can chests of drawers, cupboards, sofas
or integrate bookshelves. Advantage: When the creative anger grabs us
and we want to redecorate, the room divider can be easily moved,
remove or change.

10. The kitchen bar: communicative center between living and eating

Finally, we researched a classic. Kitchen islands or counters always provide a special highlight in open living areas
While they mostly separate the kitchen and dining room, ours have
Experts place the counter so vertically to the kitchen that they also have food
and living is divided. Since we can hardly decide whether we at
take a seat at the chic café table or on the
elegant Chippendale sofa in the background.

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