Small kitchen with cooking island – 5 grandiose ideas!

A kitchen always has to convince on several levels. She has to look good, be practical and fully equipped. In addition, you need plenty of room to swing the wooden spoon. The fact that not every kitchen can take on huge dimensions is quite logical, especially in the modern urban environment. 

But you do not have to give up your luxury. Even small kitchens can convince with practical islands and thus provide the perfect mix of style and functionality. It can even attract crazy ideas. 

We once collected our 5 favorites, which show that small kitchens with great islands can also look very big. 

Minimalist chic with half-brush

In this kitchen you can see perfectly how one can achieve a great effect with little means. The bright walls and ceilings make the room look bigger and make the bright kitchen look friendly and inviting. The S-shaped kitchen is great for cooking and interacting with guests - at the same time! 

In addition, the structure of the kitchen makes optimal use of the space and can use the worktop, kitchen appliances and the table from many sides. The LED spotlights built into the ceiling complement the daylight coming in through the large window. 

Kitchen with colored island highlight

The designers of PDV Design Studio know how to stage a kitchen and cross borders. Due to the modern and bold color scheme, the kitchen becomes a highlight throughout the house and can skillfully minor vulnerabilities such. hide the size. 

The kitchen island, which serves both as a counter for sitting and as a work surface, is clad in elegant wood. This is the ideal contrast to the blue of the kitchenette behind. 

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Pop Art Kitchen

This kitchen is so pop art that even Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol would like to bake cakes together. The modern mix of wood and bright orange tones as well as the targeted decoration with Coca-Cola sign and warm light takes you back to the 50s. 

On the left in the picture, the practical kitchen island comes to light, while right at the edge of the picture the actual highlight of the kitchen waits. The table in the style of a US diner of the 50s with a view of the beautiful nature. So you do not need much space for a table, but always clean windows. 

Modern with wood

For the great design of this kitchen, two very different materials are combined and become elegant accomplices in the small but fine kitchen: wood and steel. The combination of the two materials creates a simple yet impressive look, which directs the eye first to the light wood, but then is complemented by the almost white steel. 

In this case, the kitchen island becomes a dining table at the same time, providing a communication interface between the cook and the diners. The steel worktop of the small kitchen convinces above all by its easy cleaning. After all, steel can be easily and quickly wiped off. 

Kitchen with two faces

If you look from this kitchen in the direction of the dining table, you can see the island as a classic functional kitchen element, which offers next to the sink mainly working surface. But if you sit at the table and look towards the kitchen, the island is transformed into a modern sideboard, which is the ideal storage space for books, telephone and other things. 

In addition, the radiant white of the island, as well as the entire kitchen makes the room look friendly. As a result, artificial light is almost completely unnecessary during the day, which ensures a good balance of energy - and of course good mood. 

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