The 10 best hideouts for cash in the house

According to studies, one-third of Germans hoard larger cash reserves in their own homes. The best would be the money -
as well as securities and Co. - of course in a safe, but in reality
Few of us have such a safe at home. Instead, become
Big bills still like to hide under the mattress or in easy
bunkered accessible cassettes. There are so many much more creative
and safer hiding places in the house. We'll tell you the top 10.

1. In the fridge

A very popular option is to hide the cash in a freezer bag or a Tupperbox in the fridge - preferably jam jars, ketchup bottles and more.

2. In the sock drawer

Also a classic, but now probably the dumbest burglar on the screen has: banknotes are rolled up hiding in socks and stockings in the laundry drawer of the dresser.

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3. In the flower pot

Also very popular are flower pots as a secret hiding place for cash. It is best to wrap it wrapped in a (waterproof!) Small bag on the inner wall or the bottom of a larger planter.

4. In the bookshelf

You can also hide your cash in an old book you've already read. Cut out a secret compartment with a knife from the sides and put in the banknotes. You can glue it all together so that the book does not work out, if thieves really should sweep the entire bookshelf empty. Nobody will bother to really pick up every single book and leaf through it.

5. In the pantry

In the pantry or in the pantry you can very well make banknotes invisible. Put them in an air and water-tight bag and place them under a pile of potatoes or a basket full of onions.

6. In the shoe cabinet

An alternative to the sock drawer is the shoe cabinet. These burglars are reluctant to rummage through completely. Choose as a hiding place best an older and less attractive pair of shoes.

7. In the nursery

For thieves looking for valuables and cash, the nursery is probably the last place they'll turn upside down. Nobody suspects larger amounts of money here. Use clothes or toys as a safe secret hiding place.

8. In the garden

A well-tried classic: Bury your treasures in the flowerbed or under a loose patio tile. It is particularly important to securely pack the money.

9. In the gym

Sports equipment in the gym often has a cavity where you can hide things well. But make sure you decide on a device that can not be easily dismantled or transported away.

10. In the stairs

A good alternative to the safe are refined secret compartments, which can be installed, for example, in steps, walls or floorboards. They are visually recognizable only by very close inspection and thus provide a relatively secure protection.

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