Which tiles are suitable for the bathroom?

When it comes to the question of which tiles are suitable for the bathroom, in addition to the personal taste, the size of the bathroom is important.
Tiles that are suitable for large bathrooms do not have to be used even for small bathrooms
Be an advantage, but can even make the small bathroom look cramped. at
The choice of tiles, it also depends on the size of the selected tiles
because they have a big impact on the appearance of the room
can. Here are some ideas on how to look at the tiles in the bathroom to give the room that special something. 

1. Dark tiles in the bathroom

Dark bathroom tiles can look very elegant, especially if you have a large room at your disposal. Often only the floor tiles are kept dark, but if the bathroom is big enough you can also decorate the walls with beautiful dark tiles. For small bathrooms, dark wall tiles are not so good, as the room can quickly become cramped. Here you should also use lighter tiles to give the room visually more size. In addition, large tiles are suitable for small bathrooms, as they can also support the visual size of the room.

2. tiles in natural stone decor

Tiles in natural stone decor are tiles made of natural stone, which attract attention with ornaments and patterns. Natural stone decor
is mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom. The look and feel of a
real tile or a natural stone soil can nowadays with a
appropriate joint image and edge phase are well replicated. With tiles
in the natural stone decor you can set beautiful accents in the bathroom, which is why they are
Do particularly well if only part of the complete walls with this type
Tiles will be equipped. An entire room with natural stone decor tiles could be
to overload. If you want it anyway, you should make sure that the
Ornaments and patterns are kept discreetly on the tiles. quality
Ceramic tiles are also found in the natural stone decor. Combine that
Looks with stylish and economical color accents, that is often the case
boring designed bath to eye catcher.

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3. Tiles with motifs

For many tiles there are thematically well fitting tile decors for decoration. Often these are on individual tiles or
only a few tiles limited and therefore very small. Many wish
however, more and completely decorated walls are in vogue anyway. For tiles
There are a variety of motifs, the floral, geometric or classic
can come along. The idea is almost unlimited.
Tiles are no longer just about the tub or as a single image
used, today one uses a tile picture to emphasize entire walls
or by tiling the bathroom structure.

4. tiles in wood look

Wood-effect tiles are almost indistinguishable from real wood furniture. No matter if you actually a hut in the woods
owns or just wants to enjoy a rustic style - wood in the
Bathroom can give the room a certain appeal. With the right one
Choice of faucets, wall design and accessories, you can enter
have natural looking bathroom and still have all the modern amenities
enjoy. Straight tiles in wood look are among the currently modern bathroom ideas
and bring the attractive look of wood and the properties of ceramic tiles
together. Especially in such a wet area as the bathroom they are very much of
Advantage as they are easy to care for.

Ceramic tiles that look like wood can be color and
To imitate the grain of a number of different types of wood. This is enough
Range from light woods like oak or maple to dark woods
like mahogany or walnut. The tiles are in different shapes and sizes
available. Many have the typical square shape of the standard tiles, it
However, there are also longer, thinner shapes that look like a wooden plank
imitate and thereby create an even more realistic look. Of the
Grout used on wood-look tiles should match the color
the tiles are matched.

5. Mosaic

Glass mosaic tiles are as easy-care, durable and durable as tile coverings in conventional formats. What a one
makes more popular wall covering in the bathroom, but is above all the
Variety of patterns and colors. This is particularly well suited
Mosaic tiles for back-gluing. The mosaic tiles can be attached to the
Walls to be laid on almost all surfaces. The only requirement is that
the substrate is stable, dry, level and free of substances, which is the
Adhesion of the tile adhesive may affect, such as grease and dust or old
Paints. Before you start laying the mosaic tiles, you should
First plan the layout so that in the end a harmonious overall picture

A very nice look is also created if you have big ones
Tiles combined with mosaic tiles. The small ceramic tiles give the
Tiled room a lively look. You can see the mosaic tiles
for example, to make the bathroom faucet an eye-catcher.

6. Tiles in 3-D look

Tiles with a three-dimensional effect open up new design possibilities. A 3D tile achieves the effect by a
special manufacturing process: The glass tile is here in contrast to
conventional fired ceramic tile or other glass tiles pressed.
Under the transparent glass layer a special coating is applied,
whereby the three-dimensional effect arises and an extraordinary
Room effect allows. The color worlds of such tiles extend over
warm shades of brown, a cool blue and neutral white to metal colors,
where there are all versions in glossy and matt variant. By the
Mix the shapes with the different models and colors can be the
create the most diverse lighting effects and moods to match the room concept.

7. Tile stickers

Tile stickers are the ideal way to beautify old tiles or bring colored accents to the bathroom. This can be the
Turn old tiles in the bathroom in a jiffy and save money
Extra costs incurred by a craftsman as well as annoying noise and
Dirt that would be incurred if the old tiles are to be replaced. you
can fall back on certain and already finished designs, but has partial
also the possibility of the tile stickers to your own taste too
to design.

The tile foil was extra for bonding in the wet
Developed areas such as kitchen or bathroom. By the innovative
Surface finishing is for optimum protection of the high quality
UV-resistant pressure ensured. In addition, the film is impermeable to water
the tile stickers can hold even in the shower optimally. Also
Humidity can not harm the tile films. The tiles are in there
different patterns, designs and colors and can be a rather bland-looking
Turn the bathroom into a modern oasis of well-being. With them can also be unsightly
Drill holes caused by a towel rail or a bathroom tap
come to be concealed.

A new or redesign of the bathroom is with these tips so nothing in the way!

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