It’s so easy to beautify empty walls

The wall design is an important aspect, which contributes much to the comfort and coziness of a room. The right color, the
correct shelf and the right pictures should be selected deliberately
to beautify the room on the one hand, on the other to personalize and
bare walls to breathe life into life. Depending on the taste and decorating style
Different styling tools can be used to make the walls. Here
Of course the motto is "nice, what you like", but who is ready,
even trying something new, will be rewarded with certainty. We would like
Introduce you to seven different possibilities today, like your four
Beautify walls. From decorative pictures to extraordinary,
living artworks - there is something for everyone.

Wall covering with stone

Anyone who travels a lot on homify - and thus is up to date - knows that concrete and stone in the interior is becoming increasingly popular. The different variations of stone in the interior give our home a special character. Probably the most popular style element is the wall cladding with bricks. The trend is finding its way into our households in more and more variations and makes our walls anything but boring: The stone wall becomes an eye-catcher in every room and can be adapted in many ways to our decor style. Whether red brick in combination with lots of wood, white brick in the middle of a rural apartment or natural stone for a modern, extraordinary look. The latter is shown on the sample photo. Especially with straightforward furniture and minimalist home accessories, the wall design comes into its own. The designers of this living room have done everything right here: The rustic wall paneling is in charming contrast to the modern fireplace and the straightforward furniture.

Choose the right color

Color is a nice way to give your walls a special character, and therefore livability. Depending on the room and ever
to taste, there are some colors that are particularly recommended. in the
Bedrooms are colors like light blue and beige very popular as they reassuring
and neutral. In addition, light blue helps to lower the indoor climate
Cooling our mind and giving it a clear head. in the
Living rooms are really no limits to creativity. Regardless of whether
fresh and cheerful, with colors like green, yellow or orange or a
cozy, relaxing flair, through warm natural and gray tones - every opportunity has its charm. A colored one
Wall in a room can already make a huge difference and one
Upgrade drab design.

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To hang up pictures

Pictures of all kinds are a nice way to beautify a blank wall and to integrate personality into the wall design.
Holiday pictures, family photos or an art print of your favorite painter can
set the wall in beautiful, matching picture frames and you
to end a desolate existence. There are many different ways to pictures and
To arrange frame. Depending on the taste, a row, a column, a symmetrical arrangement or a kind of collage can be designed. The picture frames
In addition, they do not necessarily have the same color or size. It certainly can
be a colorful mix that fits together stylistically and in color. moreover
It looks a little quieter when the framed pictures of the same color palette
belong and also match each other. The example shows a collage-like
Arrangement of black and golden frames. The white passe-partout that is in
every frame, gives the overall picture a structure and leaves it
appear quieter.

Wall stickers: Good and cheap

If you want to see fast results, do not want to spend a lot of money and without a lot of circumstance make a nice change
would like, should opt for a wall sticker. The choices
are almost infinite, ranging from the favorite city skyline to fun
Sayings to decorative flower tendrils. To get a wall tattoo right
to be able to attach a few things must be considered. Before you get the sticker
If you can apply it to the wall, you have to clear it of dirt and dust,
so that the sticker can adhere properly. Then you can use the sticker with help
attach a felting knife. Put the sticker on the long end and
then smooth it with a squeegee. So you can prevent yourself from being under
make the sticker bubbles that not only look ugly, but also the
Shorten the life of the wall decal. In the picture you can see a nice one
Example, how a wall tattoo can set the wall in scene. The motif fits
a color, on the other stylistically well to wall paint, wood paneling and furnishings.

Wall covering with wood

A wall paneling with wood is just the right thing for everyone who loves coziness and a rustic atmosphere. But here too
Of course, there are a number of variations that you can use to beautify your walls.
From half-height, white wall panels in the American style, to wallpaper with
Wood look - depending on the taste, many variants can be implemented. The
Variety of wood becomes a clear advantage here: raw wood, glazed
Wood and the many different shades can be adapted to the decor
so that this type of wall design can be integrated into any living concept
can be. In the picture you can see a very modern living room, the one in color
matching wooden paneling gives a cozy touch. The stylistic device fits
also good for the fireplace and gives the room warmth and comfort. By the
horizontal course of the wood panels, the room is also stretched and works
optically larger. To achieve the effect of higher ceilings, the fairing can
also be mounted vertically.

A shelf as an art object

If you want to decorate your wall with an artistic object, you do not necessarily have to hang a painting or art print. This example
shows how a special shelf beautifies the wall and also offers storage space. The shelf in branch shape is a real art object and so not guaranteed to see in every living room. The beautiful, light wood matches perfectly with the existing furnishings and the white wall paint, which gives the shelf just the right area of ​​effect. By dispensing with other decorative elements, it comes out very well. The trick is that it also offers enough storage space for your favorite books. So you kill two birds with one stone and create a wonderful wall design. The unusual shelf completes the seating area perfectly and makes
from the bare wall a real eye-catcher.

The living work of art

A wall garden is an exceptional, beautiful way to integrate green plants in the room. Instead of conventional indoor plants in the pot becomes one
created a vertical garden to give the room that certain something. The result is stunning and certainly not everyone. With a clear border, the vertical garden can look like a framed work of art, giving the room a very special atmosphere. Garden lovers and lovers of the extraordinary come here fully at their expense. This variant is also a great idea for those who are not lucky enough to have a real garden. Our experts in the field of green space have many great ideas
to create a kind of artwork out of plants. Who is it?
prefer to resort to the typical variant, to some fresh green in the
To integrate space, can look at this house of ideas about houseplants.

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