6 simple tricks against bad smells

In the cold winter months we open the windows much less than in the summer. And not everyone is so disciplined every day
to keep the buttocks off. The result of this is stale air and itself
stinging odors. Whether fried fish fingers or the cigarette smoke from
Eve dinner with friends, some unpleasant scents are out of the
Apartment difficult to get away. However, there are a few well-tried ones
Budget funds from grandma's box of tricks, which in addition to the room sprays and fragrance sticks quickly
Forgot to forget and we would like to remind you at this point. We
have collected 6 simple tricks for you, as you naturally do
to tackle unpleasant odors at home. The great thing is that you
Do not even have to shop big, because many funds already in your closets for
stand by their commitment.

Potatoes for the fridge

Bad odors at home have a variety of causes and can be felt in various places. Knows
Feel it when you open the fridge or the
evil-smelling scent flows towards you and you just do not get it, where from
come from? Sometimes it is a stinking cheese whose smell is in the
another time a rotten vegetable is the culprit. In
some fridge parts like
in the rubber gaskets, for example, the foul odors settle especially

Potatoes work wonders for such problems. The tuber is
one of the
oldest home remedy for fridge odors. Just cut one
Potato in
Slices and places them on a saucer in the fridge.
Alternatively to
Potato you can also have a halved apple or vanilla sticks
However, none of these tricks replaces the regular wiping out of yours
Refrigerator. For example, vinegar is a natural cleanser that
in contrast to
industrial cleaners not only the unpleasant odors
short term
but eliminated for a long time.

Soda: the holy grail for the home

Soda, also known as baking soda, soda, sodium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate, is a panacea for your entire home. The White
Powder has been in daily use since early antiquity. The word
Natron comes from the Egyptian and means something like "divine". As divine as that
Name, is also the variety of uses of home remedies. Soda has been around for some time
Time used as drain, oven or joint cleaner. The all-rounder is
however, not only all-purpose cleanser, raising agent, and anti-heartburn medicine, it is also an optimal odor neutralizer. Soda acts e.g. outstanding
on carpets, in the dishwasher or even against sweaty feet. If your shoes
stink after a long day to the sky, you sprinkled the inside of the shoe just
with a bit of soda powder and shake it out after a few hours.
Made from soda, natural room sprays can be used in an uncomplicated way to neutralize evil
Create odors yourself. The soda spray also helps with musty
Furniture textiles. Everything you need for the DIY textile freshener
are 500 ml of boiled water, 50 ml of light alcohol (40%), 1 generous tablespoon
Soda powder, a few drops of essential oil and an empty spray bottle.

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Thyme for the shoes

Another household remedy known since ancient times is thyme. The ancient Egyptians used the native of the Mediterranean plant as
aromatic and germicidal embalming agent. We have the medicinal plant today
mainly as a spice a term. In addition, many people swear by his
Healing powers as a cough and cold tea. As Fußbadzusatz thyme is very
good to help against sweaty feet. The same odor-neutralizing purpose as soda
meets thyme with stinky shoes. Put your shoes in the night
Shoe cabinet and put a bag of thyme - e.g. in the form of body powder -
into it. Thyme has a bactericidal effect and also has the property of
to mask bad smells. By the way, you can also have thyme in a bowl
place on the warm heater. The heat spreads the pleasant Thymianduft
then in the whole apartment.

With vinegar and bread against kitchen odors

We've all had the food burned in the oven or pan before. The scorched smell is usually only very common
laboriously out of the apartment again. Who the many uses
know of vinegar, but knows how to help quickly: vinegar is not just as
Detergent, but also in the air. The seasoning and preservative
is a fantastic scent binder. Here's how it works: Fill a container or
Pot of water and add two cups of vinegar. Bring the liquid to
Boil and simmer for another 15 minutes. Then you take a few
Slice white bread and dip it in the vinegar water. Now you put the damp
Bread on a plate and put it in the desired space. The vinegar bread works
like a sponge and gradually absorbs the smell of burned food. Thinks
This: use this odor neutralization trick as well as all other tips mentioned here
Absolutely nothing, if you do not ventilate before.

Eucalyptus and vinegar against smoke

The bad smells in the kitchen are eliminated, but the apartment still smells unpleasant? Vinegar helps against many odors. So too against cigarette smoke. Everything you need is one
Bowl of vinegar and water in the ratio 1: 2, which you in the affected area
sets up. Even a sponge soaked in vinegar has the same odor-binding effect
Effect. Those who do not like the vinegar smell, can be ground coffee as neutralizer
place in the kitchen. An alternative to vinegar is the eucalyptus. The
Medicinal plant in the form of essential oils or scented candles also helps very well
against smoke smell. The scent of eucalyptus envelops the room with a pleasant freshness and freshness
lets you breathe again in no time. The intensity of the fresh and
camphor-like eucalyptus fragrance makes the favorite food of the Australian
Koalabären the ideal room air purifier. The eucalyptus oil also has a
Antiseptic effect on the respiratory tract. It does not just make breathing easier in stinking
Rooms, but also for colds.

When the sink stinks

For the bad odors, the effluent odor has not been mentioned. Dirty drains in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom have to go every now and then
be thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the rise by fermenting and decaying
Gradually emerging gases from the sink up and spread in the
out. For the removal of stinking deposits in the drainpipe must
not always be chemistry. It also works with a few simple and
cheap home remedies:
Put two tablespoons of salt in the drainpipe and leave it there for about one
Hour interact. Then you rinse with cold water. In the kitchen
The salt alone might not be enough, as there are often in the sink
Edible fat. In this case, four tablespoons of baking soda help
half a cup of vinegar, which is added to the kitchen sink from time to time
tilts. By
the vinegar foams up the baking soda, which has a cleansing effect. in the
Connection flushes her with hot water. You will remember, yours
Drainpipes are odorless again in no time.

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