What is Corian? These things you should know about it!

CORIAN® is a blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic resin developed more than 40 years ago by DuPont. Two thirds of Corian consists of gibbsite, a modification of aluminum hydroxide derived from bauxite and 1/3 of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The material is dyed throughout or contains speckled color pigments and comes in many different shades. It was developed, for example, for solid surfaces such as worktops, table tops, sinks or bathtubs. Even facade cladding or furniture are now possible. Further advantages of the material in the home: It can be formed in the production phase, is shockproof, non-porous, easy to clean and very durable.

1. The look back

If we go a little into the past, we can say that the first
Developments of the product Corian date back to 1963, occurred in 1967
the market launch. Two years later, the series production of
Corian plates at the DuPont factory Yerke in Buffalo. 1970 come new
Further developments on the market. Now Corian gets harder and more acidic
stable. In addition, the material becomes more and more translucent in its lighter tones,
what makes it a popular material for lamps today. In 1974, the
first created objects, in 1981 appeared the invisible
Joint adhesives that enable a seamless look of the Corian. Since 2007 there are finally
a palette of over 100 colors, either alone or in the
Can be combined with other colors. Today it is a material that
Loved and frequently used by architects and designers.

2. Characteristics of the material

- The pieces made in Corian are connected with a special glue, which visually the
Fugues disappear. This is how large objects like worktops get their way
or façade elements a uniform and calm appearance.

- Corian is
non-porous and minor damage can be achieved by rubbing with a
Remove abrasive or light sanding.

- In case of fire
the resulting combustion gases are not toxic.

- Certain
Colors are translucent. This allows its use, for example, in lamps
and novel designs of illuminated furniture or other decorative

- Corian is waterproof
and antibacterial, which makes it a good choice for areas that have one
require great hygiene, for example, hospitals, laboratories or toilets.

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3. Disadvantages

Like every product, Corian has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Here would be on
first to mention the cost of the material. However, Corian is so durable and durable that one would have to oppose this factor longevity. But also some other disadvantages
are to call:

- Corian should
can withstand high temperatures up to 205º Celsius. But the closeness too much
Hot ovens or stoves, for example, in the kitchen can be seen critically. Tip: Always use a heat protection pad for hot cooking pots and the like on the material. Never pour hot liquids into a Corian sink. Because even those can damage the material.

- Corian sees
a little like marble, but it has a relative sensitivity to scratches.
Its hardness is that of a hardwood and is therefore that of stone
or inferior to granite. Opposite wood, that by some scratches but also one
receives special patina in a used look, sometimes sees Corian not quite
perfect. Never cut vegetables or fruits directly on the surface, but always use a base. 

- Corian reacts
also in the further development of the material sensitive to chemicals
like acetone and other solvents. Here caution is required. Wipe off accidentally spilled chemicals immediately and thoroughly clean the surface. 

4. Care and maintenance

The maintenance of the furniture constructed with this material is minimal as Corian is non-porous, can withstand stains well and is easy to clean. In general, it is sufficient for heavy use, for example in the range of tables or countertops, these with a damp cloth and normal cleaners to wipe clean. Because it gives bacteria no chance to multiply due to its absence of pores, Corian is ideal for example in bathrooms or operating theaters.

5. The cost of Corian

All in all, the costs of Corian can not be quantified. Because that's what the applications are for
and the variety of shapes and colors far too different. For furniture in Corian
For example, the price varies depending on whether the furniture has just been made
or has special curves or recesses. Nevertheless, the costs are much higher
than usual materials used in the fields. However that is
Material very durable and the warranty is ten years.

6. Corian in the kitchen

In a contemporary kitchen, the different finishes can be spectacularly decorated with Corian
become. The colors and different models you can choose from are incredible
diverse. In addition, the material lends itself perfectly to the design of tile mirrors
or panels chosen for walls and floors.

applies when planning. Because the material should not be too close contact with
get hot temperatures. That is why it is absolute in the field of a hearth
necessary that the stove plate big enough for the pots and pans used
is installed. Pans over a plate on the Corian worktop
collar, could injure and deform the material.

7. Corian in the bathroom

Corian is available both in the form of plates for the bathroom and in preformed parts
manufactured. For the production of the plates, the mixture of aluminum
and resin poured onto a steel band that moves. Once the mixture
is cooled, countertops for the bathroom in commercial
Standard sizes are different. The usual thicknesses of the material are six and 12 millimeters.

Regardless of whether
Vanity tops, entire sinks or baths and shower trays - all that leaves
to realize themselves with Corian. In addition to rectangular shapes, there are also round
or oval models. The actual installation does not differ
from a standard ceramic or glass washbasin.

8. Corian in the living room

Even interior walls or furnishings in the living room can be combined with Corian
As we can see from the example of the sofa, we see that with a Corian base
was designed and now only comfortable pillows must be placed.

Tip: one
of the new developments refers to the topic "Smart home" Because the
Corian plates for tables, bars or countertops can be fitted
be that charge smartphones only by their circulation on the plate
to let. The current is thereby safely from a charging unit under the plate
headed upstairs, where it comes to a wireless charging.

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