Easy care gardens – 18 beautiful examples with pictures

Who has the time and the desire to spend a lot of time looking after his garden? Eben, that's why we looked around for easy-care alternatives to the colorful flowerbed. We present you 18 gardens, which are in no way inferior to their lush green colleagues, but require significantly less care.

For whom the sparkling idea is not yet, who can get advice from our experts and soon even benefit from an elegant, but easy-care garden.


First Minimal greening, maximum enjoyment without much effort!

Second You can leave a romantic wild garden to yourself for a while.

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Third Potted trees only need to be cut back once a year.

4th Soil-covering plants are best left alone.

5th Plants in large pots and on walls only need a little care here and there to keep them in shape.

6th High hedges have to be brought into shape once a year, but you'd better leave that to the pros anyway.

7th For the very lazy artifacts come into question. There are now deceptively real copies and you have no work with them.

8th Perennial plants need little more than the occasional water.

9th Much gravel means that weeds have little chance.

10. Slate chips have a similar effect. Never weed anymore!

11. Inner courtyards need only occasionally a cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner, the planters get along well alone.

There are nice garden ideas for the courtyard here.

12. It takes little more than a little trim on occasion.

13th Water games need little attention, but still make something good.

14th If you look at it that way, you also feel like exchanging plants with beautiful accessories. It does not have to be everyone ...

15th Easy-care hedges and a media center? We are in. We also wipe the screen once a week.

16. Perfectly landscaped beds mean you will not get overrun without expecting it

17th Granted, in the summer you have to mow lawn often times, but in the cooler months you have as far as possible his peace.

18. Anyone can come to terms with a few planted fruit trees. Just harvest the fruits, ready!

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