Your flat roof becomes a cool terrace

One of the many advantages of flat roofs is that they are excellent as a
Roof terrace are suitable. Especially in big cities or if not on the property
Provides plenty of garden space, the roof represents a great alternative
- panoramic view of the surrounding area included. Of course you should
Planning such a terrace necessarily left to experts, especially the
have complicated static conditions in mind, but when it comes to the
Design goes, we can become creative ourselves. We have six cool ones
Ideas put together, with which your flat roof becomes the outdoor paradise.

Roof and sunscreen

It does not matter if it's a burning sun, a bad wind or a drizzle - on the roof terrace you are often exposed to the weather. Who wants to convert his flat roof to terrace dream, which can be used not only on felt 5 of 365 days easily, should therefore necessarily take appropriate precautions - preferably in the form of roofs, sun sails or other roofs that provide reliable shade, protect against drafts and Rain clouds show the cold shoulder.


The right flooring plays an important role on the roof terrace, because it should also withstand the weather, be easy-care, durable and sturdy, but of course make something visually. When planning, make sure that the substructure is adequately ventilated and can not penetrate any water into the living space below. In this case you should definitely not save at the wrong end and rely on high quality and professional laying.

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For most of us, a terrace without plants is unimaginable. The same is true of course for the flat roof, which is to be transformed into a heavenly roof terrace. Here you have many possibilities: From classic planters and flowerpots on modern raised beds and vertical gardens to the right lawns and vegetable beds is above and on the roofs of the city, everything possible, what pleases. It is best to plan the green roof garden together with an experienced professional.


A rooftop pool or jacuzzi is an absolute dream that many homeowners would like to meet. While a real swimming pool on the roof terrace can rarely be realized without great effort due to static conditions, lack of space and the financial issue, a jacuzzi is much easier. And who would not like to enjoy the view of the starry sky and the lights of the city in the Jacuzzi?

Lounge furniture

An important part of every terrace is of course the furniture. Due to their size, roof terraces in particular can be converted into comfortable lounge areas with comfortable seating furniture. From the lounger to the sofa area and from the outdoor bed to the hammock - anything that pleases and fits into the budget is allowed. Our tip: For the cheaper, but no less cool lounge variant simply fall back on trendy pallet furniture.

The whole package

We end our Ideabook with a roof terrace, which has the whole package: From the protective roof over the easy-care floor, plants and comfortable furniture up to the grandiose view here really nothing to be desired. The highlight is the outdoor kitchen with grill and oven, which guarantees culinary revelations in the terrace paradise.

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