How do I apply dark wall paints?

Red, green, blue or even black instead of white - dark painted walls only look nice when the color looks even.
But that's not so easy, because you put the role in painting times
off or over the wall with different pressure, you can
form cloudy spots and darker color transitions. Therefore, the wall must be fine
be prepared for the color.

For which rooms dark colors are suitable, which effect
they can exercise how paint and wall must be prepared, which
Tool is needed, what techniques should be used and what to do on the
best combined with them - the following Ideabook gives an overview.

The right techniques

As good as anyone can paint a white wall clean, dark colors such as black rob even savvy craftsmen
last nerve. If there is still old paint on the wall, make sure that it is still stuck. You can test that by putting a strip of tape jerkily off of the
Wall is deducted. If parts of the paint stick to the tape, the
Surface completely washed off and treated with Tiefengrund.

Especially with dark wall paints, it is also important to mix well
stir with a wooden stir bar as dark tones over
have many color pigments that can settle on the bottom of the bucket.
By stirring, they distribute themselves again evenly. Dark tones
should be applied with a roller with a longer, soft pile. you
should always be filled with enough color and so attached to the wall
be painted into the strips of still wet paint. These
"Wet-on-wet" technology prevents edges, especially when sloping
Light incident become visible.

In addition, a telescopic rod should be used in order to
different heights to always be able to exert the same pressure on the wall.
The area should also be open without a break
Be canceled. Mostly a second coat of dark colors

For which rooms?

Dark colors are generally more suitable for large spaces, as they can quickly make a small room look tight. Colors like white,
cracked white and light powder colors on the wall distract the look of the wall
Viewers in the distance and make small rooms seem so much larger. Such
Discreet colors are especially suitable for the bedroom, as they are not
to play in the foreground. Here you can be good with fancy decorations
and accessories combine.

But cowards are not dark wall paints.
Properly used, dark colors appear dramatic, yet attractive at the same time
and turn an inconspicuous room into an expressive room. As a tip
The following applies: The floor, the walls and the ceiling are best in related colors
use, because the contours of the room are so blurred. To make it more varied
But you can also design accessories or lasts for contrasting colors
to grab. The accents should stand out clearly from the background, because only
then they become an eye-catcher in a room with a dark wall paint.

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Each color used has a spatial effect. When a room is optically larger or smaller, longer or shorter, higher or lower
should appear, you can influence this by colors. Bright and cool
For example, colors expand and open the space. The color white enters
Feeling of space and light and also tones like light blue, beige or greens
make the room look bigger.

Warm colors, such as yellow or orange,
make the room smaller as they look closer than cool colors. Dark wall colors
such as brown or burgundy even reinforce this effect and limit the space.
They create proximity and make rooms visually smaller, but also more comfortable

The floor and ceiling colors also influence the room effect.
A dark soil can create a stable base, whereas a lighter one
Floor makes the room look friendlier. Bright ceilings make the room higher
and appear more open when they are lighter than the wall hue. Is the ceiling
dark the room is optically height taken.

Prepare paint and wall

If you have selected a dark wall paint to paint, you should pay special attention to the mixing of the paint. Because dark
Wall color has more color pigments than light color, these settle on the ground
of the bucket so that it decreases color intensity from bottom to top. The color
So it should be mixed with a standard wooden stick, so spotty
To avoid walls.

Above all, it is important for dark colors to be particularly clean
to work, because splashes of color, crooked edges or a nonuniform
Color application is particularly noticeable in a dark wall paint. The edges
should therefore conscientiously taped with masking tape and this with the
adjacent wall paint to be painted over to seal the edges. is
the paint dried, the dark wall paint is applied. A dark wall color
requires two to three coats, which are done wet in wet. Around
To achieve particularly sharp edges, the masking tape is pulled off, even before
the paint is completely dried.

The right tool

Between the good couch and the extension wall, no one wants to bring the color to the wall. If the room is not completely empty
or if the floor covering already exists, everything should be fine too
be covered and taped. Simple thin tarpaulins protect the furniture
effectively against splashes of paint and are therefore indispensable. Also sockets, on
Edges, windows, etc. should be masked beforehand, not too much later
Waste time with careful stroking.

Finished purchased colors are usually too thick, therefore recommends
it is easy to dilute with water. All you need is a large wooden spoon
or a simple wooden stick.

Then there is the question, whether with brush or paint roller
should be deleted. The answer is: with both. Who only has a wall with
stroking a brush, it will lose the desire for it after a short time. But
it is indispensable for corners and edges. With the paint roller is the
Surface application of color. Leave a good role by the high color absorption
Get 50 meters wall width in a single step in just a few minutes.

There are also one or two helpers who
not to be missed. An additional bucket for mixing paint with
Tinting paste and a scraper for picking up or outputting the excess
Color is essential. Who on constant getting on and off on a ladder
wants to do without, equips his paint roller with a telescopic handle. So can
Also, the blanket can be conveniently painted from the ground.

Combination with furniture and decoration

Dark painted walls can give a room an elegant and imposing look. That it does not seem too cramped, it depends on the
right around it.

Of course wood tones emphasize the effect of dark walls
and take something from their weight. Indoor plants look even greener,
when they are placed in front of dark walls. So the dark color enters the
Background and it gives the impression of a mini-forest. Also a single one
great artwork looks very nice on a dark wall and often even better
as a whole gallery, because the eye is directed directly to the picture.

Of course it always works. A dark gray wall, for example, comes right
beautiful, if in front of white flowerpots, curtains, blinds or in the bedroom white sheets are planned. Also antique furniture and noble
Accessories harmonize perfectly with dark walls.

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