The 10 most creative ideas for modern gardens

As far as gardening is concerned, there are countless different opinions about what looks and what does not look good. Like in the
Architecture and interior design are the tastes very different
- and that's just as well. While one in the garden idyllic romance or
Wild naturalness preferred, the other stands on clear lines and one
reduced appearance. And it's exactly this style that we take a little closer today
under the microscope. It's about modern gardens and how to make them stylish
Scene can set. We have ten inspiring ideas from our experts
brought to give your modern garden even more life and character.

Clean lines and reduced colors

Like modern architecture, modern gardens are also committed to the Credo less is more. The reduction to the essentials,
straightforward forms and few colors, is the focus. How to do that in the
can reach your own garden? Quite simply: Through a clear structure, one
geometric design language and the abandonment of a lush, wildly proliferating and
colorful planting. Modern gardens like to concentrate on subtle colors.
In addition to the green of the flora, the focus is for example on gray natural stone and
maybe a few white flowers. These are joined by straightforward paths
geometric shapes and isolated stylistic accents like big stones,
Sculptures, a gazebo or a pool of water.

Modern gardens over the roofs of the city

A big garden in the middle of the city? The dream of many city dwellers comes with a small change of perspective now more often in
Fulfillment. Modern gardens do not even think about getting into one
to let the classic scheme squeeze and conquer instead quite casually the
Roofs of the world. The great thing: the green oases at lofty heights are not just
nice to look at and a place of recreation with panoramic views for their users, them
also have a positive influence on the microclimate and spare the
Sewerage after heavy rainfall. So up to the roof with the

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It does not always have to be grass

Traditional gardens can do without modern gardens. Stylish alternatives are, for example, easy-care gravel,
spacious wooden decks and water. Here we see a very welcoming
Mixture of water garden and wooden decking that completes the classic lawn
quickly forgotten. The perfect solution for everyone who wants that
Special want to love the cool wet as well as relaxing hours in the
Sun and beyond appreciate the closeness to nature. And that annoying
Lawn mowing is finally a thing of the past ...

A pavilion for the modern garden

When it comes to garden pavilions, do you think of Jane Austen or Rosamunde Pilcher? On ornate romance and lush rose bushes? It works
also different. Would be too bad, if modern gardens completely without gazebo
would have to get along, right? The contemporary version of the classic gazebo captivates
with clear shapes, straight lines and lots of glass - and will be so to everyone
Season to the absolute favorite place for relaxed hours with friends
or boisterous garden parties.

Accurately trimmed plants

A colorful flower sea and wildly proliferating plants are rare in modern gardens. Instead, plants become very
accentuated and included in the geometric game of shapes.
Especially good for the straightforward appearance of a well-styled garden
for example, book or yew hedges, rhododendrons and azaleas,
which can be excellently trimmed and cut into shape. As a general rule
applies to the choice of plants in the modern garden, the motto is' less
more 'in order to fully meet the aspired purism and perfectionism
to become.

Modern garden in the Japanese style

Many modern gardens are now built in the popular Japanese style, which brings a touch of exoticism and relaxed
Peace and serenity radiates. Typical elements of this garden type are for
Example gravel and sand surfaces with wavy patterns, plants like bamboo,
Cherry trees, maple, anemones, boxwood, rhododendrons and azaleas, koi ponds,
Water tanks, wooden bridges, stone lanterns, moss and stones. Maybe this too
a small pavilion in the Japanese style - ready is the Far Eastern Zen oasis
with feel-good guarantee.

You are interested in Japanese gardens and want more
learn about the topic? Then we recommend our Ideabook 10 reasons why you need a Zen Garden.

Popular materials

As for the choice of materials in modern gardens, the imagination knows no bounds. Too rustic stones, weathered wood
and ornate wrought iron is rare. Instead
get precious natural stone, slate, clinker and fine pebble society from
high quality, exclusive woods, cool metal and increasingly also rough
Exposed concrete. Another very popular material is Cortenstahl, which with
his interesting rust patina attracts everyone's attention - whether as a sculpture,
Beeteinfassung, Sichtschutzwand or Pflanzungskübel.

Design meets naturalness

As in our four walls, the trend is towards a refined combination of stylish design and exterior
relaxed naturalness. That's the way a swimming pool is announced today
is and probably will always be - the classic models with a lot
Chlorine and chemistry have long since become obsolete. In their place you will find in
modern gardens more and more organic pools and swimming ponds, the cool design,
combine state-of-the-art filter technology and pure swimming fun - and all this completely
natural and completely without chemicals.

Fireplaces and Co.

Just as hip as water is fire in the modern garden. Stylish fire bowls, luxury grills and outdoor stoves make for a
very special atmosphere and at the same time bring cozy warmth. To this
The outdoor area is wonderful even after the summer has ended
Take advantage of the gardening season well into the fall or even winter
extend. More about this topic can be found in our Ideabook Fireplace in the Garden: 10 hot ideas.

Lounge furniture to relax

What would modern gardens be without the appropriate furniture? Shaky plastic chairs and moldy plastic combinations do not come to us
in the bag. Today's garden furniture definitely needs more on the box -
both visually and in terms of comfort. The keyword is
Outdoor lounge. In fact, the furniture that we have today in the garden
and put on the terrace, living room character. From the XXL couch over the
Sofa landscape up to the outdoor bed - the trend is also free
Heaven clearly to super comfortable chilling with a touch of luxury. You treat yourself
nothing else.

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