How much is it to build a pool?

A private swimming pool in the garden is the dream of many people and can with some advantages
come up. First of all, the pool offers bathing pleasure for the whole
Family without having a public swimming pool or a lake
must be visited. In addition, admission does not have to be paid
You still have to worry about the pool being hot
Days too crowded, so there is hardly room to splash around
Swimming remains. In addition, regular swimming is good for
the health, the condition and the figure.

Not to be forgotten is that
a pool in the garden not only visually upgrades, but also a
offers financial added value for the home. A private pool
However, it also causes a decent cost, whereas a small one
Paddling pool is already available for little money. For one
Pool has to be invested much more, and here it is
not only with the acquisition costs, but also
Follow-up costs come about.

First of all, which pool should it be?

When asked which pool type is the right one for you, an overview of the pre-and post-mortality helps
Disadvantages of different types. There are taken in
Swimming pools, characterized mainly by their aesthetics and the long
Outstanding durability. There are also set up pools, which also
ready to be delivered and thus only a short
To bring construction time. But there are also so-called swimming ponds
or natural pools, which are dug like small garden ponds.          

Before you look for a type of pool
decides, one should consider, if you only to splash
or want to swim. A deployable plastic pool
for example, less is suitable for pulling lanes, as it is relative
is small.
Once you have decided, you have to consider
which form the swimming pool should have. Since there are all sorts of things here as well
Pelvic shapes and sizes are, remains here too spoiled for choice.
Over the years, some pelvic forms - round and oval -
Although enforced, but the choice is basically each yourself
left. Of course you should be aware of the size of the garden
orient and pre-set the dimensions of the pool. One too big
Pool in a small garden will look rather unfavorable.         

A commonly used pool size is
8 x 4 meters with a pool depth of 1.50 meters. Here are two
Adults swim laps at the same time without getting lost
to disturb each other. Should also small children with in the pool,
it may be useful to flatten one side of the pelvis. Who one
Springboard wants this should be at a pool depth from 3 meters

The cost of construction ever set
different by pool type. For sunken pools must to
Example including the excavation of the hole to be included -
this can cost several thousand euros. As well
Material and possibly resulting personnel costs, if one
Need help from a company. Recoverable pools are
already available for a few hundred euros.

Choose technology and materials wisely

Depending on which equipment is bought for the pool, the one-off purchase costs still come
additional expenses added. Also regarding the material there are
Price differences. The prices for a fixed
Foil bowls can be between 10,000 and 15,000 euros. A pure one
Concrete pool with special coating, however, can already with up to
30,000 euros to book. One of the cheaper variants is in any case
non-buried steel mantle basins, from 1,500 to 2,000
Euro is available as a self-assembly kit.

A pool pump makes sure that
Water in the pool remains clean. Usually by the pump
the surface water is sucked off and through a filter system
directed. There it is cleaned and returned via inlet nozzles
flushed - this process is called circulation. The pump
It also distributes nourishing and cleansing chemicals such as chlorine
evenly in the pool. When buying a pump, care should be taken
that it is suitable for the respective pool size and the
Water volume can withstand almost 24 hours a day
is. The pump usually only works with a skimmer that does
Aspirate surface water and pump it to the filter unit

Technology that is not needed
will, but can be helpful, are a pool suckers, one
Pool cover, pool lighting, a pool thermometer and an alarm for
a child-safe pool. Also a pool heater for a always
pleasant water temperature, can be installed with. Here you can
ever again quickly incurred several thousand euros additional costs.

Are you looking for an architect?
Write us! We're here to help.

Get free advice

Consider size, depth and topography

When building a pool and when asking about the cost, the size and depth of the pool as well as the topography have to be taken into account. The bigger and deeper the pool gets, the more it will be reflected in the costs.
Anyone who decides in favor of a pool embedded in the ground must also think about whether the surface of the earth is suitable for this purpose. Can a deep enough hole be dug there to build the pool? Or if you opt for a pool that can be set up, then the floor should be as level as possible, so that the outer wall is not damaged by the water masses. If there is too much pressure on one side of the outer wall, it can happen that it breaks down. 

Depending on whether you want to use the pool only for swimming or for jumping in from a springboard, the depth must be chosen differently. If only a few lanes are to be swum, a depth of 1.50 meters is sufficient. If you want a real swimming pool feeling with a springboard, you should plan for a depth of at least 3 meters, so that injuries can not occur because someone hits the ground for lack of depth.

Do not forget landscaping

For example, if the choice falls on a natural pool, the landscaping is not of
of negligible importance, since you should different plants here. Of course not only
the natural pool the opportunity to be creative in landscaping
to become.

For those who like beach-feeling
wants, can spice up his pool around with sand. A few
Sun loungers and parasols and you will feel like in the
Vacation. If you prefer modern, you can use the designed stones
and places his seating there.

If you prefer it, of course, care
the lawn around the pool or access the material wood
and builds a beautiful area on which chairs, tables, etc.
can be placed. On cultivated sunbathing areas one can also
drape well different potted plants, so one more
to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Depending on what you imagine
Here too, the costs can diverge. Lovers of naturalness can even save money, but who value expensive, paved roads
around the pool, has to expect higher costs.

Furnishings and accessories are also needed

As already mentioned, not only the pool itself, but also the design of the environment is important for
a nice overall impression. It must be designed with care and
be designed. When Beckenumgang should be considered, since
this must be comfortable. He is mostly made of plates, tiles or
Lawn made. In addition, the establishment of the
Pool outdoor area to be thought.

For the technique is best too
set a specific location, allowing easy access to
Valves, filters, the pump and other pelvic equipment allows
becomes. The location should not be too close to the pool
be used to prevent noise from any heat pump.

Can also be considered
a so-called pool house, in which sun loungers and
other accessories can be stowed. There should be enough
Space to change clothes and possibly a toilet available. Also
a solar shower can be an enjoyable accessory.

For this, the costs for future repairs and maintenance are added

Once you have bought all these things, you can be rid of hundreds to thousands of euros. This is what it is
However, this is not about the final cost, as there are costs for
Any repairs and maintenance can come to this.

What is the cost of maintenance?
of a pool are highly dependent on many variable factors.
For example, a 50-square-meter pool is constantly being used
becomes more expensive to maintain than an occasionally used, smaller one
Pool. For the maintenance of a smaller pool should usually
500 to 1,000 euros per year are scheduled. Then come
If necessary, electricity costs for a filter system as well as
Heating costs. Especially for a pool heating high costs
which depend on how big the respective
Pool is how many months a year it is used and how high the
Water temperature is set.

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