Bathroom renovations with 7 inspiring before-and-after examples

7 beautiful bathroom renovations with before-and-after pictures. From the free-standing bathtub to the small bathroom with shower, everything is there.

Wet cell in mud brown becomes ...

Let's start our parade with this brown nightmare under a sloping roof. Nobody wants to have the terrible tiles in his bath anymore and the sanitary ceramics are getting very old. Overall, this old bathroom seemed very crowded and cramped. Although it had a bathtub, shower, toilet and even a bidet and thus everything your heart desires. However, the division was quite unfavorable. Here was much more to get out!

... cozy spa bath

After the renovation, the bathroom shows itself in a completely different light. It has been significantly brightened by choosing sand-colored tiles for the floor and a fresh white for the walls and ceiling. The shower area remained true to the previous color scheme, but in a much more modern dimensions. Tiles in a soft shade of brown and noble fittings ensure a fantastic showering experience. Embedded ceiling spots provide atmospheric lighting and selected accessories complete the new design perfectly.

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Mini-tub is ...

Granted, this bathroom looked anything but bad before the conversion. Simple sanitary ware and mosaic tiles in turquoise gave a coherent picture. The inhabitants wanted more. Instead of squeezing into the rather small bathtub, they preferred a lot of space when showering. Even the tiles did not suit them anymore, they wanted a more unified picture. Luckily, the bathroom provided all the conditions and was thus made for the desired changes.

... generous luxury shower

Look, what's good is even better! In fact, the bathroom looks fresher and more contemporary after the renovation. Following the request of the residents, the bath with its old shower curtain was removed and replaced by a spacious shower. The area was separated with a transparent glass wall so that the light and air of the double-leaf window can fill the room. Wall and floor tiles were chosen in a clear gray, lightening the bathroom as a whole.

Unused attic will be ...

There was not even a bathroom here before. The attic of this house lay fallow and made a sad existence. The walls were not disguised, bare floors, no lights and no heating - everything had to be redone from scratch. The advantage of this is that you can save the tapping of unfinished tiles and knocking out old sanitary ware. The downside is that we can not show you a before picture of a ghastly wet cell. The next picture surprises anyway!

... dream bathroom with a view

Wow! Here was really done a lot of work. The walls were clad and dipped in fresh white, floor and shower area got tiles in cream. Highlight is clearly the free-standing bathtub in front of the window. The gently curved tub promises a very special bathing experience in this position, as dormers and roof windows promise fabulous views of the neighborhood and the starry sky. 

In the years old family bathroom ...

Here we see a very typical bathroom, which already has a few years under its belt - not really terrible, but not really great either. The white tiles with greyish pattern look rather stale and the red bottom does not really do much for the overall impression. With other red accessories one tried to create a coherent concept, which succeeded however only mediocre. Again, with technical help more comfort and a better look could be achieved.

... receives phenomenal freshness kick

Instead of red and white, the new bathroom is now dominated by dove blue and cream, a much more pleasant combination. The old bathtub, the previous sink and toilet were replaced. They opted for more contemporary models with angular lines, which blend more harmoniously into the unusual cut of the bathroom. An atmospheric lighting, more storage space and selected accessories make it look tidier and more inviting than its predecessor.

70s nightmare is changing ...

Oha, so this bathroom was really a hardship before the renovation. We can not decide what the main prize in the category Horror Bathrooms wins: the tile-look vinyl wallpaper, the green sanitary ware or the rust-brown floor. On top of that, the wet room - crammed as it was and without a mirror - was not really ready for use. There was really a lot to do here and so the commissioned architects could let off steam.

... to the elegant washroom

The result is this wonderful wash area. The room was completely gutted and refitted. Of course, nothing remained as it was and the original design was not much to imitate. Here, too, we meet the classic white, which is found on the wall, ceiling, furniture and sink. Add to that a soft brown tone and fittings made of shiny stainless steel. Finally, a mirror hangs above the sink and under the sink there is storage space, so towels and Co. no longer fly around in the room. 

A lost place becomes ...

You notice, baths under the roof have done to us. But it is also just too cozy to relax under the sloping roof in the tub and at best to enjoy the view of the sky through a skylight. The window was already there, but the remaining components for a comfortable bath were missing completely. Admittedly, this picture was taken in the midst of the renovation work, so there is nothing to see from the tiles, tub and washbasin. Be curious about the next picture!

... enviable comfort zone

Tadaa! Perfectly accommodated in the spatial conditions, here now presents a comfortable feel-good area. Although the space is quite manageable in its size, it seems spacious and inviting. Of course, the highlight here too is the partially enclosed mineral cast tub, which was ideally positioned below the roof window. It is also interesting that they decided against floor and wall tiles and instead worked with a beautiful wooden floor and plaster. 

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Stale darkroom becomes ...

To conclude, we once again hit the mark and present you this dark horror. Well, yes, it used to be that way, it was modern, we did not have anything ... Anyone who has ever decided that dark brown tiles on the wall, bath paneling and flooring are a good decision, has hopefully come to their senses. The owners are and fortunately also had the financial means to turn this gloomy chamber into a dreamlike bath. 

... barrier-free desired bath

Hard to believe that this should be the same bath! There is a completely different atmosphere. Bright, modern and friendly are the words that come to mind now. With the renovation, the wet area was adapted to the current needs of the residents. The tub gave way to a walk-in shower and you said goodbye to the second vanity for more space. Mirror, sink and toilet were placed on the opposite side. River pebbles as flooring provide an appealing barefoot experience. 

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