The 9 simplest tricks to make a small bathroom

The bathroom is one of the places in the house where one likes to stay longer. Whether for a long break or to relax in a soothing bath - many of us can just spend hours in the bathroom. That's why it should be set on a feel-good atmosphere here. But this is often easier said than done. Not infrequently, the bathroom is a challenge, not least because of the small area. To design a small bathroom therefore requires a bit of intuition for the best possible setup. With the following tips we have a few suggestions ready for you that can help you to create your own personal wellness oasis. 

Decorate bright and friendly

Goal! Den have the Freising-based experts of Duke architecture landed with this bathroom design, as we at least find. Granted, that's not the smallest bathroom. But that's not what it should be about. What we want to give you with this picture as a tip on the way is that it depends on a small bathroom on a bright and friendly design, in order not to diminish the already small space even visually. Designing a small bath in bright white or in a soft creamy tone not only ensures a friendly look, but also makes it possible to set different-colored accents. It is also allowed to fall back on dark tones, provided that limited to only certain areas. Especially make mosaic stones, which look as dazzling as here. Alternatively, it is also possible to resort to adhesive film, which conjures up a similarly great effect. Setting up a small bathroom also poses a question of decoration. This was also skillfully solved by means of a striking vase in the design and the bull's head as decorating wall element. Chosen in silver, these are a great eye-catcher. 

Clever construction

If the filing system just shown is too open and perhaps too wild, it should be based on a construction that does not allow any stranger eyes. Best suited for this wash cabinet from Helm Design By Your Master Carpenter GmbH, which has plenty of space to store next to the sink. Designing a small bathroom just says that not much storage space is available, which is why clever constructions should be used. The light wood and the white fronts of the dresser let the room breathe and create a friendly atmosphere.

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Provide storage space

If the bathroom does not allow you to use the width, we'll just raise it. As? This bathroom demonstrates it impressively. The wall was designed by the interior designers of Arreda Progetta Di Alice Bambini skillfully used for the attachment of boxes of different sizes, which form a special filing system. In addition, this system is also completely flexible and can therefore be added to almost any space. Also in the color design you have no limits. You can keep it simple or set to color like here, marveling looks are guaranteed in any case. So it makes it fun to design a small bathroom.

Use niches

In addition to a small space area, other factors are often added, such as angled corners, which rob one of the senses in the design of the small bathroom. Okay, it's not as bad as it is in this picture. However, one of them raises the question of how skillfully niches can be used. Cleverly solved here was the situation of the experts of Studio Radicediuno. The small bulge was used for the sink, which has been embedded in a cut-to-size area. An extra production is often an advantage, as it allows the furniture to be adapted to individual needs. It is worthwhile to dig deeper into your pocket. The counter top of the vanity has been adjusted to run from the corner to the window for additional storage space. 

Put on glass

Designing small bathrooms also means choosing the right materials. Here glass is especially recommended. This not only creates transparency, but also preserves spatial openness. Opaque walls namely visually reduce the space and take away this light. To see glass in the form of a shower cubicle or as a partition wall as shown here, is particularly suitable. In order to design a small bathroom, highlights should be set as well, for example by a rain shower head from Bauarena, where there are kitchen appliances as well as bathroom fittings. 

How glass harmonizes with wood in larger dimensions, we show you here!

Small sanitary facilities

In small rooms, the connection situation to, for example, the water supply is often not the best as seen on this picture. Upon entering the bathroom you immediately get to the sink. Tredup Design.Interiors has solved this problem optimally by the sink was placed on a small sanitary facility. This also allows unhindered passage into the room. This allows you to design a small bathroom without sacrificing comfort. For the windowless room was also set to a daylight-like and thus optimal lighting. All in all, this small bathroom is absolutely modern thanks to the use of high quality materials.

2 in 1 design idea for a small bathroom

Who does not want to be able to do without showers and bathing, is with this 2 in 1 construction of Stach & Daiker GbR helped. The bathtub was fitted with a sliding glass or plastic door, which can be converted into a shower when actuated. In the process of designing a small bathroom, this can not only implement relatively quickly, but also saves a lot of space and you do not have to do without its comfort. The yellow tiles, which were designed exclusively for the wet area, also give the room a fresh look.

Stylish helper

For some time, the modified by a supervisor deco-kick has arrived in our premises. A not only absolutely modern accessory, but also super practical and on top of that space saving. This beautiful model of F. Leitner KG For textiles and upholstery, make yourself particularly good at designing a small bathroom. It is narrow, soaring and can be used as a towel rail or as here for the bathrobe and shower utensils. The dark wood and the dynamic line of the columns, reminiscent of tree trunks in their imitation, create a great decorative effect while creating a natural ambience. 

Set accents

We love this wallpaper! Why? Because it gives every small, narrow and oddly cut bathroom that certain something and makes it an absolute oasis of well-being. Fittingly, the soap dispensers and towels in the design join PALMERAL GREEN from the collection FEILER meets House of Hackney, that made it right in our hearts. Designing small bathrooms also means setting accents. As the icing on the cake, these accessories complete the design perfectly and not only create a feel-good atmosphere, but also spread holiday mood. 

Whatever it is, set up a small bathroom

And because it gives us so much pleasure to give you a few tips in terms of small bathroom, we have in the end even this little extra for you. The bird's-eye view shows very well the discreet but cozy interior of this bathroom as well as an optimal arrangement of the sanitary facilities on the square floor plan and makes it clear how it works. 

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