Never again chaos – with these minimalist bedroom ideas!

The bedroom is for many people the most important retreat from the hectic everyday life. It is the oasis of peace that invites you to unwind. Here you can switch off and recharge your batteries. Love, live, sleep - this works best when you create the perfect environment by designing and choosing the right furniture, fabrics and accessories. 

Chaos does not fit here and that's why we've collected valuable tips for you on how to optically create peace and order in your bedroom. Cozy bed, decent wardrobe, quiet colors and much more. Do you also feel like waking up every morning in your personal haven of peace? Then the following tips for a simple bedroom design are worth pure gold! 

A simple but stable bed

Most important, of course, your bedroom, a place of relaxation, has a comfortable bed. This does not have to be pompous in a simple and quiet bedroom. On the contrary, a minimalist design is often much more suitable for bedrooms and creates a pleasant ambience in the room.

The four-poster bed in the picture above provides for a pleasant relaxation already at the sight - it is simple and enthrones in exactly this simplicity as the center of the romantic bedroom. Clean lines, narrow metal elements and white sheets are the focus here. The residents have mastered the most demanding task of minimalist bedroom design perfectly. Because the most difficult thing is always to make a room simple, but not sparse and minimalistic and under no circumstances sterile.

Neutral shades

The choice of curtains, bed sheets, duvet covers and pillows also focuses on neutral colors and fabrics. The best pastel colors are white, gray or beige. Equally quiet and fitting is the delicate shade of rose quartz, which this year is the trend color 2016 conquering the international design world.

In the picture above, you can see the perfect example of a minimalist bedroom that is bright, fresh and very neat thanks to its clear colors. The minimalism in your haven of tranquility, however, only works if you have safely left your previous chaos. That is why Diszplin plays an important role here - soft colors, simple fabrics and modern furniture can only work if the overall picture is right. 

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Order also in the wardrobe

Therefore, it is also important that you not only in the room itself, but also in your closet for order. Take a day off to sort all your clothes - with the option to punch out some of the same. You can only create order if there is enough space in your cupboard.

Therefore, ask yourself at the next bedroom action best, when you have worn some clothes the last time. If you can not remember, you know that for some clothes the time has come to say Goodbye. Once you have parted with old clothes, shoes and accessories, you will see much clearer and can rearrange your wardrobe.

The division in the picture we like very well, because in addition to the clothes rail on which blouses, blazers and jackets can be stowed, there are also several drawers for socks, underwear and shoes. When buying your closet, make sure that it offers versatile storage space - only then will you be able to keep it organized in the long term. 

Create hidden storage space

Everyone knows that - although there is enough room in the closet for all items of clothing, there are still many other items that are looking for a place. This ranges from books to small items to suitcases and bags. To realize the minimalist design in your bedroom, you should start looking for creative storage space. For example, niches such as unused doors, sloping ceilings or, as in the picture above, the space under a pedestal are suitable for this.

Here you can let off steam and make sure with rules boards as well as simple boxes for order. It is best to start such an action only if you have an overview of what you want to stow approximately. If there are no suitable niches in your bedroom, a storage box is also a great option for organizing small items. 

Freestanding dress code

For the clothes, which find no more space in the wardrobe, you could additionally attach a modern clothes rail in the bedroom. Here you will find space for clothes that you often wear, but also for the pieces of jewelry that you just like to see every day.

In the example above, clean lines dominate and the unused room corner is cleverly filled with the hanging clothes rail. But you should be mindful when choosing the clothes, because only with a strong sense of order do you manage to perfectly integrate the clothes rail into your minimalist bedroom design, without causing any unrest.

Minimalist furniture

In addition to the order, we also have some tips on the right furniture for you. Because the minimalist design in your bedroom can only fully develop when all the furniture has been matched to it. Of course, bed and wardrobe are a good start, but the nightstands should fit into the overall picture. At best, they are the same color as the bed and so do not cause unrest in the room. 

Especially decent should also fail further equipment elements in your bedroom. Choose simple lamps and carpets and focus more on simple elegance. Chaos also spreads in rooms that are very dark, so be careful that your bedroom floods with light on a regular basis - ensuring freshness and a pleasant indoor climate. 

Also with regard to the wallpaper and wall paint in your bedroom you should bet on plain colors. For the simple reason that redesigning and remodeling is not done so often and unobtrusive tones can be reconciled with a variety of designs. Equally interesting is the question of the right floor for the bedroom. It depends more on the taste, because most soil types fit into a minimalist basic design. Wood creates a warm and very friendly atmosphere, carpet keeps feet warm and noise away. 

With these tips you should have come a lot closer to your minimalist bedroom design, good luck planning and tinkering!

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