All-purpose weapon Cola: 10 ingenious tricks that you absolutely have to try for yourself!

Cola is the world's number 1 soft drink and is widely regarded as a very popular thirst quencher. But there are many other things that you can use the brown refreshment. That may sound unbelievable, but it is quite possible and at the same time incredibly practicable. The cola hacks that we want to show you today may sound pretty weird, but if you try them, the results are amazing. Whether in the garden, on the balcony or terrace, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage or even in the beauty area - the simple soft drink can enormously enrich your everyday life. Today we present you our top ten best cola hacks. So, off to the fridge!

High gloss in the toilet

From the cozy barbecue is still a can of coke left? Very good! With it in the toilet bowl. No, we want to be here
Do not play as a health apostle and it should not be the same
be flushed - quite the contrary.
This is supposed to be
Refreshing drink serve as a toilet cleaner and therefore overnight
act. The next morning, there are existing deposits,
stubborn limescale and dirt without the hassle of scrubbing
Dissolved drink containing citric acid.

Dishwasher spare

Even in the kitchen, the soft drink can be a practical helper. At this point, you can save tedious scrubbing and brushing by using cola, because the drink is ideal for cleaning burned in uncoated pots and pans. 

Just add a little cola to the pot so that the encrusted bottom is covered and it can work for some time, at best overnight. The next morning, the dirt can be easily removed with a sponge. Another quicker option is to boil the soft drink for a few minutes in the dirty pan or in the baked pot.

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to remove stains

For a short while, do not pay attention and it has already happened: a spot and that on the new shirt. No stain remover at hand? Again, one may confidently grab the coke. The refreshing drink is perfect as a remover of annoying grease, blood or even felt-tip pens on clothing. 

Just put some cola on it, let it soak for a while and get into the washing machine with the dirty clothes. After that, the stain disappeared. But beware: However, you should not use the dark colored shower rather on light and white fibers.

Shiny tiles

Dull, calcified tiles make even the most beautiful bathroom pale. Here again helps the handle to the coke bottle. The soft drink is very suitable as a tile cleaner. For gleaming tiles, add a quarter-liter of sugar-free cola to the cleaning water, wipe and the blunt tiles on the walls and floors shine back to their former glory. 

For stubborn areas, you can also add the coke directly to the affected tiles and then rinse with plenty of water.

Clean the pool

For a pleasant bathing pleasure and also for hygienic reasons, a pool should be cleaned regularly. But cleaning a pool also means a lot of work and is usually a rather chore. 

But even here, the popular refreshment drink should help and the pool by Cola again be sparkling. It is advised to add two liters of cola directly into the pool water. Due to the acids contained, the soft drink should act as a practical rust remover in the water and the bathing pleasure is nothing in the way. If you are unsure about this tip, you should contact our pool professionals.

Remove paint

When furniture has paint stains from renovations, rubbing the furniture with a rag soaked in cola and then rinsing with water will immediately remove it.

Also in the beauty area you can use the brown soft drink clever for color removal. Because a hair conditioner with sugar-free coke removes hair color from the hair, if you have once out of print in the color. Permanently colored hair color can be lightened with the soft drink by a few nuances. To do this, put a bottle of cola on the hair under the shower, let it work for a few minutes and then wash the hair off with a commercial shampoo.

Cheap pest control

Cola can also be used in the garden for cheap and effective pest control without toxic pesticides. For this purpose, add a little cola to a small bowl. From the sweet shower the insects, such as beetles, snails or flies are attracted, fall into the drink and are destroyed by the contained phosphoric and carbonic acid. 

Even a cheap and effective wasp trap can easily be made with a little cola. For this, with an empty plastic bottle, the upper third, slightly below the neck, separated. This piece is then turned over into the bottle and stuck firmly with adhesive tape. The soil is now filled with sugary cola, as it attracts the wasps. If the annoying animals climb through the narrow opening, there is no turning back for them and the insect problem is solved.

Another trick to remove unwanted insects on the car window without much effort is to soak a rag in cola and wipe it over the glass. It is important, however, not to touch the car paint to avoid paint damage.


Cola not only removes unpleasant stains in clothing, but also works at the same time
as a very effective neutralizer of stubborn odors. This neutralizes the refreshing drink especially gasoline, fish or even animal odors excellent. To remove odors from the clothes, just add a quarter liter sugar-free coke to the normal washing cycle in the washing machine.

Effectively remove rust

Rusted objects are blanked by coke again. The phosphoric acid effectively dissolves the existing rust. Smaller items can be placed in the beverage for some time for rust removal. Otherwise, the soft drink is simply placed on a cloth and the rust polished away. 

Even rusty screws or nuts can be solved by cola. Just turn the screw or nut slightly, then moisten it repeatedly with cola and leave it to work. Now, the screw or nut should be easier to solve.

Flower refreshers

Fresh flowers in pretty vases are a wonderful eye-catcher in the house. But water alone is not enough to keep the flowers fresh for a long time. To make it last longer, it is recommended to add some cola to the vase. The sugar contained in the soft drink keeps the flowers fresh, colorful and lively for longer.

This also applies to the flowers on the balcony, terrace and in the garden. By adding cola to flowers such as azaleas or gardenias, the flowers should be fertilized in a harmless and favorable way. Find more great inspirations around the topic of fresh green for your own home in this Ideabook.

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