10 things that make your home ugly (and how to avoid it)

Do you know that, too? Day in, day out, we go through the rooms of our apartment. And always
in the same place we stay with the eye, because something is too
seems to disturb. However, it is difficult for us to say what it is

Actually there
There are some design elements in the house that can really be annoying if
they were misrepresented That's why we have a collection for you today
which identifies ten mistakes that are quite common in the context of the
Design happen. Luckily, most of them lend to change. Come on

1. A crowded hallway

Whether we live in an apartment or a house, the hallway is one of the key criteria
for what first impression we make with our house. If the entrance area
not nicely designed, we can talk to the rest of the house so much
endeavor: the first impression will remain. Here is the design of a corridor
not necessarily easy. Because he is above all functional and many
Accommodate things like jackets, coats or shoes. Nevertheless, we should
try to aim for minimalism. Clothes, shoes, disappear best
and accessories behind closet doors. A neat hallway is doing something directly

2. Dirty walls

Completely white interiors can be breathtakingly beautiful. But at some point, the ravages of time on the bright surfaces gnaws: Handprints, dirt particles from the fireplace or insects inevitably lead to, for example, the walls dirty. If we use washable paint, the walls can be wiped with a very damp cloth once a week. Otherwise only helps: Every four to five years to give the rooms a new coat of paint. Kitchen and hallways are already more to it.

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3. Bad smell that does not disappear

Where does this strange smell, which we always have in our nose, come from? If the
Stink comes from the kitchen, it could be the drain, which is easy to clean
leaves. Add some vinegar, baking powder and lemon juice. That does too
the sink nice and clean. Even after roasting meat or one
cozy raclette evening likes to hang unpleasant odor in the room. The
Lighting a smoke or scented candle has just in the winter time
Miracle works.

4. Dusty decoration

We love our decoration in the house and like to be generous with her. But if
Once we have collected dust on it, we have to go in between
Dustwings grip. Unfortunately, this helps with details-loving accessories
not always. So we should not have enough time to get it regularly
Clean: Prefer to get away with them in boxes.

5th bathroom without light

There are hardly any things that bother us even more than a badly lit bathroom. Because
how could we mend ourselves in the mirror in the morning, when we have hardly anything?
can see. LEDs are very energy efficient and make the lighting in the bathroom
so a cost-effective solution. If the bathroom has a window, it's best not to obscure it with pleats or blinds. Because also daylight
makes bathrooms radiant

6. Old-fashioned kitchens

Now we talk about old-fashioned kitchens. We do not mean the kitchens in retro design,
but those who are really totally out-of-date. It can be a
Renew the kitchen without making the project a huge investment
got to. Door handles can be easily renewed. Old devices exchange easily
out. And a new worktop in modern design can also make your kitchen feel better
give a completely new look. We mean: try it!

7. Too small bedrooms

A small bedroom can ever bring us to despair. But also let such spaces
set up so that they become a cozy retreat oasis. At the
best we make the room as minimalist as possible. Then ever
less we accentuate in the room, the quieter and seemingly bigger the
Area. Our example shows how it works.

8. Bald walls

A bit of minimalism is fancy, but we do not think that all walls are in
That's why our apartment must be bare. Because then the visitor gets
quickly the impression, one had just moved in. Paintings, patterned wallpaper or
Stickers create a nice atmosphere on the wall, which looks like the
personal taste.

9. Messy dining table

Dining rooms can quickly degenerate into a space where everything can be found: laptops, mountains of homework notebooks, documents or games. That does not have to be, we mean. Such smorgasbord can be stowed where they belong, for example, in the youth room, in the office or in a closet. The dining table should remain free as a piece of furniture, so that we can sit at any time of day or evening to eat alone or together.

10. Boring garden

Why do we spend time, effort and money on it, the interior of our house great
to have designed, when in the garden then everything is out of control? The garden
is basically an extended living room, where we feel comfortable and relax
should. Beautifully designed, it not only adds value to the house,
but just as well for us and for our soul.

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