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Blue as the cloudless sky, the lukewarm sea or the garden full of hyacinths ... The harmonious color finally returns to us - and from head to toe, or from the roof to the basement. Because not only in terms of fashion, we are currently on Azur, even at home we now make blue with preference - in the bedroom, the study and even in the kitchen. Where you can use the light color anywhere, how to combine it and what mood Baby Blue conveys:


Because blue calms well known, the brightly blurred tone is unbeatable, especially in the bedroom! Especially when the bedspread, the carpet and the wall paint are so beautifully matched. White, when it comes to color, especially knows what the materials are about wood and whoever dares can also decorate brightly colored accessories such as cushions!


Pale blue may not be the first color you have in mind when planning your kitchen. All the more surprising is the result! The blue kitchen fronts give a brilliant freshness and a clean overall picture - exactly what a kitchen should at best emit!

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From the calm sea to the wild ocean - the different shades of blue reflect all variations of the water. Thanks to its many indirect light sources, this blue bathroom feels even more like a Caribbean holiday - pure relaxation!


Girls pink, boys baby blue? Even the colors of the name tapes in the hospital are gender specific. There are so many men today who wear pink shirts or women who do not like Pink. So why strict division in children? This workspace combines a sky blue desk with a red and white striped venetian blind and certainly pleases girls as well as boys.


In addition to the property of calming down, blue is also said to promote concentration. That's why the color, of course, especially in rooms where you work. If you want to relax afterwards, a baby blue wall is never wrong!

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