15 small houses for every taste

This Ideabook has the motto "small but mighty". The following 15 cottages are proof that you are looking for the big one
Living happiness does not need many square feet.

1. Detached house in XS format

This small family home shows that even under 100 square meters can find the big living happiness. On 98 square meters, a family of four will find everything their heart desires, and with its classic pitched roof and modern look, the house fits in every neighborhood and every ever so strict development plan, without being boring.

2nd Classic bungalow

We continue with a classic detached house in bungalow style with expandable roof. On 120 square meters, it offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open living, dining and kitchen area. The garage has also been integrated into the building and is directly connected to the interior through a connecting door.

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3. Cubic Bauhaus style

The traditional saddleback look is not for you? How about this cool home in the cubic Bauhaus style? It has 150 square meters of usable space - including mini garden and pool - and proves that modern design and luxury can be perfectly realized on just a few square meters.

4. Renovated townhouse

This townhouse has been renovated and expanded by our experts so that it does not look so small anymore. It is hard to believe that there is an impressive 170 sqm of living space behind this narrow façade, right? Our tip: A look into the interior is definitely worth it!

5. Wooden house with a difference

An exciting alternative for those looking for exceptional homes: this contemporary-style wooden house boasts cool design, great views, natural materials and 125 square feet of space inside.

6. Traditional house

We will be a little more traditional again and show you this family home, the classic elements skilfully combines with modern details and thanks to convertible roof has 130 square meters of living space.

7. single-family home

This charming single-family dwelling also creates a balance between trend and tradition and accommodates three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious living / dining area with open kitchen on 92 sqm.

8. Stylish glass bungalow

Glass stars in this modern bungalow. Super stylish blend interior and exterior space into an impressive whole. It does not even notice that the living space itself is only 110 square meters.

9. Modular prefab house

Just as modern and purist, but even smaller comes this flat roof bungalow. It is a 75 square meter prefabricated modular house celebrating modern minimalism.

10. Unique mini house

In Japan, lack of space is a real problem and the architects are true masters in building really cool and clever houses on a small footprint that seem much bigger inside than they actually are. This crazy home, for example, is only 52 square meters small, but you do not notice that in the interior at all.

11. Compact cube

Also from Japan comes this compact cube in the reduced Bauhaus style, which is perfect for small plots and small budgets, but does not miss anything in terms of design and comfort.

12. Small chalet

For those who like rustic huts and cozy chalet charms, we have brought this alpine log cabin home, which makes the dream of rustic mountain life come true on 120 square meters.

13th villa in mini format

Pure luxury is not only available in large sizes. This 80 square meter house is in no way inferior to the glamorous XXL villas - neither in terms of style nor in terms of comfort.

14. Single-House

A really cool alternative to a condominium is this modern single house that looks much bigger than it actually is (76 square meters).

15. Maximum minimalism

Our last house takes the idea of ​​minimalism to extremes, both in terms of design and square footage. The mini-cottage is available in four sizes from 15 to 29 square meters. From the guest cottage to the single home everything is possible.

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