So you can reshape your apartment cheap

Who does not know them, the residences in which the home is completely renovated and furnished without further ado and suddenly looks completely different. Remodeling does not always require a whole team of interior designers and does not have to be expensive or difficult. If you want to redesign your home favorably, you may have to move just a few pieces of furniture and bring a little new color to the wall. With the right lighting and beautiful decoration objects, redesigned favorites are the focus of attention. Often buying new is not necessary at all, but mucking often already. Overcrowded rooms, jam-packed drawers and wardrobes and an abundance of odds and ends make the rooms seem small and untidy. Individual, well-chosen pieces of furniture, a style-appropriate decoration and the favorite color on the wall, on the other hand, are pleasant and atmospheric together with the right light.

1. Change the wall color

Walls provide enough space to be creative and to bring new color into your own home. Especially if the walls already
painted, can be an expert at
help the transformation. Dark wooden panels on the walls leave the
Rooms look rustic, but can not always be removed. A
Cost-effective version of the redesign is to simply paint them.
The wood panels appear in white, subtle pastel shades or light gray
simple and contemporary. Playground for the whole family offers one
Wall, painted with blackboard paint. With magnets stick to it
Family photos, sticky notes and the children's latest tricks. 

with a new wallpaper the wall color can easily be changed.
Pattern or textured wallpaper change the entire room ambience. Depending on
Color and pattern can be enough to reshape a single wall. A
another way to reshape the wall offers a striking
Wall decoration. Inexpensive load paper plates to always new
Design ideas - in bright colors with hand and foot prints,
covered with shells, sand and driftwood or stylish in black and white
with geometric patterns.

2. Remodel rooms with furniture back

Your own four walls suddenly turn into a very different light when the furniture moves to another place. Maybe next to the furniture, the priorities in life will shift as well? If getting together with friends or family is more important than watching TV in the evening, the sofa can give up its main square in the living room. Instead, the dining table takes center stage. This is not only possible by occupying the center of the room. The dining area can also be set up with the right lighting. A stylish pendant lamp above the table or a wall lamp illuminate the place optimally, large candles on the table create a cozy ambience and with a large picture on the wall changes the whole flair. With few resources, the apartment can be easily transformed if the pictures on the walls change. You can change the room or swap photos that show the best moment of the year.

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3. Change the lighting

The lighting can change the whole sense of space and it can set interesting accents. The reading corner moves together with the
Favorite books with a floor lamp in the center of attention.
If the floor lamp consists of ceiling washer and screen lamp at the same time, leaves
combine direct with indirect light. So can a certain
Place comfortably lit when not in use.
Direct light, on the other hand, is used exactly when it is needed
becomes. With under-floor lights, not only the countertop in the kitchen can be effective
be illuminated. Under shelves they leave the whole wall
shine in a new light and as showcase lighting they move
Decoration and collectibles in the Blickzentrum. Small rooms
can be visually in larger with the right lighting
turn. For this purpose, bright walls and ceilings with floodlights or
Wall lights illuminated and placed several light sources in the room.
Space spaces are more comfortable when warm light is distributed in them
and the focus on pictures, individual pieces of furniture or decorative objects
distracts, who would otherwise "disappear" in the room.

4. Change the look of the furniture

Are you tired of your old furniture but can not afford new ones? Then it's time to swing the brush and change the old furniture into new ones
Transform pieces of jewelry. Old wooden furniture is sanded for this purpose
and painted with new paint. Old chairs fit into the modern
Home with new paint and upholstery. Chunky, old furniture works
in light pastel tones lighter and friendlier. Who is one
classic ambience, white furniture with gold or white can
provided with silver accents. An old bed, on the other hand, does not just deserve
a new coat of paint, but at the same time a new mattress. Old furniture
do not necessarily benefit from a new color. Especially when
it can be valuable solid wood or antique furniture, the
Furniture re-sanded and oiled or waxed. That's how they get
their natural charm, without the modern sense of living too

5. Play with colors and fabrics

Colors change the whole feeling of living for little money. When a white room becomes a bright yellow, the sun moves in. But not only with solid walls can the home transform. Colorful stripes on the wall, two-tone walls with geometric patterns or wall stickers with flower heads, butterflies or birds make the rooms look livelier. If you do not want to delete the entire apartment right away, you can set individual color accents with just a few resources. An old chest of drawers turns into a real eye-catcher with new paint or new cushions change the color structure of the couch and armchairs. Textiles can change the style of the entire home, depending on color and fabric. Silky shiny fabrics have a timeless classic look. Romanticism lend transparent curtains or ruffled, heavy fabrics. Bright, natural fabrics match the Scandinavian style of living. At the same time can be changed with covers and covers inexpensive style and color of sofa and chairs. Color changes are particularly effective when contrasts are created at the same time. A black shelf in front of a white wall, bright picture frames or curtains in complementary colors make a pleasant eye-catcher.

6. Time to muck

Most annoying for a comfortable living is too much junk. Superfluous furniture is just as important as old clothes or unused kitchen utensils. So that the mucking easier, the things do not have to be thrown away immediately. The easiest way is to first pack things in moving boxes and keep them for a few more days. What is not missed after a few weeks can then actually be disposed of. Flea market, Altkleiderkiste and Umsonstläden are first port of call for used, but still used things. Mistakes are not very popular. So why not organize a party and exchange or give away things that are better for your best friend? Friends can also help keep track of the essentials while mucking them out. Strange eyes often see better, which is superfluous or still useful.

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