Indoor Pool: swimming pool in the house

We would all love the dream of having our own pool
like to be a reality. Unfortunately, the implementation of this remains
Wishful thinking to most of us space, budget or weather conditions
denied. Where the latter aspect can easily be reversed - namely
with a Indoor pool. In our latitudes, an outdoor pool is not always
an option. After all, we want our private bathing fun all year long
over wholeheartedly. The weatherproof alternative: a swimming pool in the
House. Whether large or small, round or square, in the cellar or in the annex - the
Investment in your own indoor pool is definitely worth it.

Cultivated pool

If you have no space for a swimming pool in the house, but
still wants to call a pool his own, does not have the same
Call furniture movers and move. How about an extension that is instead
Provides space for the cool water and provides a fresh breeze in the old home?


It does not have to be a whole indoor pool. On too
A few square meters can be a real wellness oasis. On
Whirlpool overlooking the forest and garden is definitely a consideration
worth and increases the quality of life considerably.

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Write us! We're here to help.

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High tech

In this pool you can do sports and
at the same time the favorite series, the World Cup Final or the latest blockbuster in the
Watch TV. In the pool in front of the TV is namely a counter current system
installed, which allows us to swim on the spot and
watching TV at the same time.

Spa area

Pure relaxation promises this spa area with indoor
Pool, sauna, aroma steam bath and comfortable sun loungers. There can be the weather
Doing what it wants outside: Relaxing is the thing to do indoors.

training camp

The perfect training conditions for the next
Triathlon: Right next to the swimming pool are treadmill, bike and
Rowing machine. So even the biggest moan of sport suddenly makes fun. By the way: Here are more tips for those who want to do something good for their body.

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