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8 affordable decoration ideas for your dining room

You wonder how to make your dining room unique with little effort and budget
can? With some creative ideas and the right deco elements, it is even
not as hard as you might think.

Anne Krusche - HOMIFY Anne Krusche - HOMIFY
January 7, 2018

Open dining room: 22 wonderful inspirations!

Open living areas are becoming increasingly popular - no wonder, because they offer us the perfect mix of one
generous living comfort, practical features and a lot of cosiness.

Anne Krusche - HOMIFY Anne Krusche - HOMIFY
2 August 2017

No room for a dining table? That's how it works!

Who does not dream of gathering around a huge dining table with friends or family and in good company
to indulge in culinary delights ?! Unfortunately, the reality looks
often different: in many apartments is ...

Sabine Neumann Sabine Neumann
July 27, 2017

16 perfect dining rooms that we would like too!

Whether a festive dinner with guests, a family lunch or a relaxed one
Coffee party with the girlfriends: A dining room is the perfect place to go
lovingly prepared food and drinks in a stylish atmosphere.

Anne Krusche - HOMIFY Anne Krusche - HOMIFY
May 18, 2017

The perfect wall design: With these ideas your dining room becomes unique!

To decorate your own four walls, there are endless possibilities: You can look for beautiful
Photographs or pictures decide on a shelf with decorative books and decorative pieces
attach or hang a fancy wall lamp.

Anne Krusche - HOMIFY Anne Krusche - HOMIFY
March 22, 2017

6 great ideas for an impressive dining room

Whether for a simple dinner, a dinner party or a feast: the dining room is the setting for communicative rounds, celebrations and parties
relaxed company with good food and drinks.

Sabine Neumann Sabine Neumann
March 21, 2017

28 photos that show how wonderful you can combine kitchen and dining area

In this Ideabook, 28 examples await you, showing how to combine the kitchen with a nice dining area. After all, not everyone has the space for a dining room and you do not sit down there for every little snack ...

Lisa - homify Lisa - homify
February 22, 2017

30 ingenious dining areas - perfect with little space

A home usually consists of bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall and possibly a dining room. The latter is sacrificed in a small amount of space, but is quite important! Finally, the whole family comes together in the dining area, it is ...

Lisa - homify Lisa - homify
February 10, 2017

5 dining rooms that will delight your guests

Sitting together at a table with good food and forgetting everyday life for a few hours. The common dinner with friends and relatives is one of the absolute moments of happiness one day, right? When the kitchen is the secret heart ...

Tobias Weber Tobias Weber
January 6, 2017

10 low budget ideas to make your home great

We love to beautify our homes with great decorations. And if we get them then as a bargain, we are more than
happy. That's why we have 10 fabulous ideas for you today
put together, all under 40 euros ...

Simone Orlik Simone Orlik
November 27, 2016

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