Cottage-style living

Who does not want a small cottage in the country where he can retire after work or at the weekend? Then it says: Adieu Everyday stress, welcome relaxation! However, if the country house is still a long way off, we can get at least a touch of idyllic rural life in our four walls with the furnishing style cottage. 

The term Cottage comes from English and means translated as cabin or cottage. In England, this refers to small houses that are not basement and only have a ground floor. Meanwhile, the original charm of these buildings and their typical furnishing style has become a true trend. Based on the country style or the vintage look, the cottage style conquers the living spaces around the world today. In Italy, too, his magic has long expired and has set up in Bologna equal to a whole apartment in cottage look.

In detail lies the charm

Clean and simple colors are the hallmark of the cottage style. Instead of a bright, pure white you put here in the entire home furnishings rather on a broken white. As a result, the ambience does not look too cool and even gets a more lively touch. The furniture is also attuned to the color: with a simple design, they tend to stay in the background, but surprise with stylistic details such as filigree turned legs. The wooden beams on the false ceiling above the table are another characteristic of the cottage style.

In the design of this apartment, our Italian experts have come up with something special: A kind of mini-loft was set up above the dining room. A ladder leads directly from the living room into the second, upper living area. Comfortable furniture invite you to linger and also offer a good place to stay for guests.


Cosiness is a top priority in cottage style: plush fabrics, soft upholstery and plenty of space to relax are standard features. A subtle wall decoration underlines the quiet character of the decor. 

Fresh flowers are a must in this style of living, because it is not only to live in rural areas, but also to have nature close enough to touch. In addition, plants are generally ideal for lightening the ambience of a room a little and make it feel at home.

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Kitchen with vintage charm

From the living room leads to the kitchen. And this room also convinces with puristic yet lovable details. An old wooden pepper mill, a decade-old scales and a discreet check pattern on the walls give the kitchen a charming vintage charm.

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Bedroom and study in one

Since wood is the most popular material in all rural furnishing styles, we also find good old wooden furniture here. The desk and chair in dark wood mark the working area in the bedroom and are a wonderful contrast to the otherwise bright decor. Storage space was created here by integrating a shelf into the wall.  

Do you think of typical English houses in country house style on a floral wallpaper? So it was probably our experts from Tommaso Bettini Architetto, because the wallpaper with floral pattern was not missing here in the bedroom.

The bathroom

In the bathroom of the Italian apartment we also find a mix of bright colors and dark wood. Instead of a standard shelf, you prefer to put on a shelf in a retro look with turned legs. And here, too, niches in the wall are used to create storage space.

The tiles in the shower visually set off from the rest of the bathroom color with a vintage yellow tint. Captured by the retro charm of the entire apartment, the modern rainfall shower reminds us that we are still in the 21st century. 

Incidentally, the cottage style is also chic-chic. Our recommendations can be found here: Setting up in country chic.

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