Cleaning up made easy: 6 tips for a decent home

Coming home and feeling good - this is not only due to the furnishings and the cozy ambience, but also because of the state of the order. Certainly it is much more fun to come to a tidy apartment where you do not have to wash the dishes and put away the clothes. But this is easier said than done, because we all know that sometimes you simply can not do it; be it for lack of time or because you just do not feel like it. How you can still provide tidy and clean four walls, without investing too much of your precious time, the following tips tell you! 

It starts in the hallway

Coming home, we first enter the hallway. Here, therefore, order should always prevail and we should not immediately expect the clenched chaos. This contributes to a tidy wardrobe and also a filing for keys and letters is never wrong. Also pleasing is a bunch of fresh flowers. 

Create a schedule

Although more or less, we usually have several things to do in one day. Sometimes you do not even know where to start and quickly we get stressed. But that need not be! It can be really helpful to create a timetable and provide a precise time for the things to do. For example, you can schedule ironing for 30 minutes and dusting for 15 minutes. You will see that things are easier to handle and you still have enough time for yourself, because that's what it's all about. 

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Create a weekly schedule

If you are already planning a certain amount of time for the things to do, it is also helpful to create a weekly plan. On Mondays, the windows are cleaned, it is on Tuesday to wipe dust, on Wednesdays, the bathroom is cleaned, the kitchen on Thursdays cleaned and done on Fridays shopping and laundry. If you do, you do not have to do everything at once, which of course takes several hours. Instead, you have a decent, tidy home throughout, and plenty of time for the more important things. 

Regularly wash clothes

One thing in advance: For the sake of the environment, the washing machine should only be turned on if it is really well filled. Otherwise, this can be set for half load or wash the laundry by hand. Nevertheless, should be washed regularly. Thus, one not only prevents, that you have to work off a huge laundry and then also to iron, which alone at the thought of this is a deterrent. It also has the advantage of always having fresh clothes in our closet. 

Keep the kitchen in shape

If you enter the kitchen and one laughs at once the huge mountain of dishes to be washed, you would like to leave the room right back. But so that it does not get that far, we give you the tip to wash dishes, glasses and cutlery just after the meal and put them back in their place. You will see that this continual cleanup and steady maintenance will ultimately save you some time. Of course, it's even easier and faster with a dishwasher that does the work for you; you only have to clear it out yourself.

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And most important: have fun!

Another and even very important point is to have fun as well. Sounds weird? Maybe, but with a smile on my face and in a good mood, the work is much easier to do. Thus, it is also a matter of the head, which means not to feel compelled to clean up and clean up, which of course we are listless and what is ultimately seen in the result. So, tune in to music and combine what needs to be done with fun and joy! 

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