15 small bathrooms with wood and stone that you will love!

Showering, brushing your teeth, blow-drying your hair: none of us can do without a bathroom. Every day we spend time
in them: the only ones around for the basic hygienic needs that
Others take the time to relax in the bathtub. If we are planning new family homes, big bathrooms are part of it
usually in addition - often in combination with dressing rooms, a solarium or a
Sauna. Old houses that we rebuild or older are the bathrooms
often much smaller. But that does not mean for one's own luxury
a disadvantage. Small bathrooms can also be stylish and individual
shape like large spacious wellness oases.

We want to meet with the
occupy small bathrooms - and even those who are through the use
of wood or stone have distinctive designs. Nice to dream -
maybe someday for you?

1. Of course nice!

We start with a first bathroom that uses both materials simultaneously. This is not unusual and will run through this collection like a thread. Stone walls or floors always give bathrooms a particularly modern atmosphere - but still retain a touch of naturalness. Here the wall of larger natural stones creates a connection to the natural origin of the material. The wood elements give the room a warm touch. 

2. Atmospheric and individual

The unbeatable advantage of wood and stone is that Mother Nature has endowed both materials with uniqueness. Every stone and every wood fiber is like no other. That makes every bathroom as individual as possible. And without too much effort, as example number 2 proves. 

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3. Mysterious elegance

Stone and wood can be used to create both airy and dark bathrooms. The experts set in this example in the actual sanitary objects on black and have also installed dark stone tiles. So this bath gets a very noble, almost mysterious touch - and that on a few square meters!

4. Light on!

Especially small bathrooms sometimes have to face the challenge of having to cope with small windows or even no windows. Then the artificial lighting is all the more important, which we should use generously. Bright river stones can help to reflect the light into the room. 

5. Bedded on stone

In this bathroom, we almost feel like in a small river. The large boulders, which were created under the granite vanity, give the room a natural look. Our tip: If wooden elements are integrated, it does not need much decoration. Because the unique Ferung has even a decorative character. 

6. Mastered material mix

For a long time, as part of the interior design, one has used wood or stone on one of the two materials. That has changed fundamentally today. So let's not worry about whether wood and stone elements fit together in the bathroom. As we see in this picture, a wild mix of materials goes without problems. In the end this is really a matter of personal taste.  

7. Natural look with rough stone wall

Walls that are set on coarse natural stone, as always, always get a somewhat rustic atmosphere. But if you want to mitigate them, you can reach them with furniture or sanitary objects with smooth surfaces. In this example, the owners make the bathroom with a beautiful double vanity, which also sets on noble stone pools. 

8. Panel with coarse natural stone

Such a country house style we can achieve in small bathrooms, trying to replicate the actual landscape and its atmosphere in the bathroom. Very large natural stones help to give the room an earthy note. 

9. Unusual windows

Here the landlords have brought nature directly into the bathroom. The unusual very narrow, but all the longer wooden windows provide on the one hand for daylight in the room, on the other hand provide views of the garden. A bright stone wall does the rest to make the bathroom light and airy. 

10. Elegant in white

How beautiful, coarse and smooth surfaces fit together is shown by this example - even in an extreme form: here even bright components were combined with the natural stone wall. Thus, the contrast between the two materials is emphasized again. It does not belong to today's topic, but so much should be said: The wide mirror expands the small bathroom optically in a wonderful way!

11. Deceptively real!

Sometimes the structural conditions of a house are so limited that the residents have concerns about moisture in the bathroom. Although wood and straight natural stone walls are in some ways breathable materials. But unless you have a window or a suitable ventilation system, a natural stone wall can also be made of synthetic materials - and that deceptively real!

12. Original!

When bathrooms are so small that we really want to maximize any space to give the bathroom more size, sometimes you can play with the ceiling height, depending on how the house is. In old buildings, we sometimes find suspended ceilings that can be removed and give a few extra inches of additional height. The ceiling in our example is old and arched. So we feel the bathroom, despite its modest dimensions as not too small. 

13. Rustic bathroom in XXS format

Both stone and wood are durable, cost-effective for many years and sufficiently available as a raw material in trade. Straight stone walls hardly require maintenance. And the wood, if properly maintained, is a material we have many years of experience in. 

14th wall with narrow natural stone

The narrow natural stones are one of the most commonly used materials to equip bathrooms with noble designs. Because they are available in many sizes and colors, it makes them so popular with homeowners and bathroom planners. 

15. Smooth surfaces

At the end, we conclude with a square bathroom, which once again combines the materials of wood and stone. Here, in the color spectrum, reduced neutral tones were used, which make the small room much larger. An extremely wide, but narrow mirror located in a small niche completes the friendly timeless look. 

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