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  • Cabinet made to measure under the roof pitch

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    Ten practical and beautiful wardrobes

    Sloped ceilings Cabinet in rosewood decor and white covering with drawers and hinged doors.

  • Sloping cabinet to build yourself

    Custom-made roof cabinets with clothes rails, drawers and many shelves.

  • Wardrobe for sloping roof

    Editorial Ideabooks with this photo

    Ideabooks: 1

    The right wardrobe for the bedroom

    The white sloping ceiling cabinet offers unimagined space for clothing and laundry. Drawers, hinged doors and shelves were well combined and arranged.

  • Children's room with sloping roof

    The wardrobe in the nursery uses the sloping roof very well.

  • Cupboard under the stairs

    The space under the stairs can be perfectly used with the cupboard in rosewood decor. Harmoniously, the cabinet fits into the room ambience.

  • Cabinet with stepped slope

    The space under the roof slope, we finally made sense of the millimeter-matching cabinet with revolving doors used and transformed into storage space.

  • Wardrobe for the sloping roof

    The white under-the-ceiling wardrobe has drawers, shelves, hinged and folding doors.

  • Open cupboard system made to measure

    The open cabinet system in the Zebrano decor fits exactly under the roof slope with millimeter precision.

  • Roof Pitched cabinet

    Slanted roof cabinet in cherry wood decor with revolving doors and drawers.

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