15 brilliant stairs that take up little space

There are things you can not do without in a small house or apartment, especially if it's a two-story cottage. The staircase is such a vital element that you can not remove, however much you may want it. 

We have put together 15 types of staircases in this book of ideas, which require little space and are as functional as they are visually appealing. 

1. Three in one

In this first example, not only has a staircase been installed in a small space, but it also shows how to use this small space for several things simultaneously: a vertical garden and a beautiful bookshelf. The staircase itself has a simple yet contemporary design and has been decorated in white, creating a beautiful contrast to the green garden in the background. 

2. A spiral staircase

Spiral stairs are the perfect stairs for the second floor with little space - as in this case. They have a design that brings movement and never goes out of fashion. In addition, they are available in many designs and different materials and can be easily adapted to personal style and taste. 

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3. In two sections

Stairs that take up little space do not have to rise in one piece to the first floor. This staircase creates in the lower section, that it is without railing, an impression of airiness and lets the room act as a unit - a great solution with little space in the stairwell. The second section, on the other hand, was provided with a banister in black and thus contributes to the security in the house. This is especially recommended if there are children in the house or apartment.

4. A futuristic staircase in a small space

This staircase makes you speechless! It was designed with steps that hang in the air and provide an exciting, industrial design. 

5. A wooden staircase, which adapts to little space in the stairwell

This natural wood staircase adapts perfectly to the space at its disposal and follows the twists and turns of the room with its elegant curves. In order to preserve the space in its entirety, the stair railing was attached to the outermost wall and designed to match the color of the wooden steps. Anyone who wants such a very individual staircase can get advice from an interior designer. 

6. A foldable staircase

Sometimes not only stairs for the second floor are needed in a small space, but also stairs that lead to the attic or to a storage room. In such a case, a folding staircase is an ingenious solution. With it you save a lot of space and can simply unfold them when you need them, which is usually not the case anyway.

7. Only half a meter wide

You do not always need large and wide steps, which take up a lot of space. Anyone who uses a narrow staircase whose steps are only half a meter wide, receives a functional staircase in a small space and can save a lot of space. 

8. Simple and simple

This staircase is probably the simplest in the entire Ideabook. If you are looking for an alternative that allows you to get to the second floor and still look for a discreet staircase, this classic staircase with its simple lines and shapes is the perfect choice.

9. Minimalist and modern

This incredibly small staircase is perfect for apartments that have an attic or false ceiling. It hardly takes up any space and still fits into any room with its industrial design. 

10. The stairs as part of the corridor

The stairs can also be designed as part of the corridor, as in this example. Here every smallest corner was used. Under the stairs, for example, a small table with a lamp was put on, which has a decorative effect and contributes to the lighting design in the room. 

11. thousand functions in one

No doubt - this staircase is one of the absolute favorites in the list. It offers a fantastic design with its mixture of black steel and light wood and at the same time fulfills an incredible number of functions. It is stairs, bookshelf, desk, table, cabinet with drawers and storage space in one. Who would have thought that with a staircase you could do so much more than just going up and down on it?

12. Along the wall

This staircase looks like it is connected to the wall. It adapts perfectly to every corner and every turn of the wall. The spots in the wall ensure optimal visibility and contribute to the absence of railing to safety. 

13. For the little ones in the house

For children, there never seems to be enough room to play in the house. This staircase has therefore turned into a great place for the kids. If you ask the little ones, this staircase with built-in shop is guaranteed the absolute favorite.

14. Use every inch

Even under this staircase, the resulting square opens up many possibilities. Here, a wooden cabinet has been installed, which on the one hand looks decorative, but on the other hand can also solve many problems with storage space in a small apartment.

In this Ideabook you will find more suggestions, with which you can skillfully use the space under the stairs.

15. Hidden and discreet

This staircase hides behind a false wall - an original and funny idea, with which a staircase can be integrated into the room. This staircase is also perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

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