Before-Nacher: 60s house is completely renovated

On it goes to Würzburger Steinbachtal, where a detached house with a separate apartment from the year of construction in 1964 waiting for its renovation and renovation. The new owners wanted to adapt it to their needs. Together with our experts from Stefan Lang I Architecture and Energy They bravely took on this project and turned the building into an efficiency house 70. Thanks to full thermal insulation, triple-glazed windows and a wood pellet heating system, the 224 m² living space can be efficiently heated after conversion.

Be curious about a fabulous remodeling project! 

Before: street view

Thus, the building stock showed up before the conversion measures. The street view shows a small, in the years old house with directly adjacent double garage. The dark-roofed pitched roof made the building seem quite squat, overall, everything looked a bit old-fashioned.

After: street view

What a change! The house presents itself after completion of the work in the Bauhaus character: The facade is now unfussy and cubic, the old saddle roof was removed and replaced by a contemporary flat roof. They also opted for a restrained coloring in light gray and beige. The entrance area has been relocated and provided with a roof that blends seamlessly with the garages. Everything seems to be the same. 

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After: side view

If we look at the house from the side, its true size becomes recognizable. We are not dealing here with a small bungalow, as you might think at first glance. Due to the location on the hillside land two floors could be realized. From the side we also see the new, large window fronts, which allow a lot of light inside and give the view to the outside.

After: Back

The perspective of the back reveals several terraces and a balcony over the entire width of the house. Here, the owners can enjoy their space and view into the beautiful garden and find a suitable place for every day and season.

After: terrace

On the terrace was worked with a lot of wood. Both the floor and a bench are made of beautiful natural material. A special eye-catcher, however, is the privacy screen to the neighbors, which consists of stacked logs.

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