Japanese bedroom

Establishing one's home in the style of foreign cultures and distant countries has long been a trend that has evolved from German
Houses is indispensable. Especially popular is the Asian look,
especially the Japanese style, characterized by extreme clarity and simplicity
distinguishes and the modern taste with its minimalist
Form language and high quality materials fully complies. For all,
For example, we want to set up a Japanese bedroom
today some tips and ideas brought.

Features of a Japanese bedroom

A Japanese bedroom is never overloaded or overly decorated and crowded. It is rather a place of relaxation where everything has its clearly defined place. The focus is on the futon bed, which can traditionally be rolled up during the day. Tatami mats made of rice straw are often spread out on the floor, along with sliding doors or room dividers made of shoji paper and curtains or wall decoration with characters. Generally, the principle applies less is more.

Franconia meets the Far East

Our experts from the-moebelmacher have designed a bedroom from the solid wood of the Hersbrucker Alb, whose simple front has a Japanese touch, even if the interior is typically German. The door panel of the cabinet is made of Lunopal, an easy-to-clean material that - usually used for lampshades - gives a paper feel, yet is extremely durable and stable. The surfaces are finished with natural resin oil, which keeps them beautiful for a lifetime.

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A touch of Japan style

You want to give your bedroom a Japanese touch, but do not want to sleep on futons or tatami mats? Then just lay down a bed inspired by the Far East like that DONNA Bed of the Holzmanufaktur With its simple design language, its filigree legs and its natural material, it clearly reminds of Japanese furniture design. You can find inspiration for other matching furniture in our Ideabook Japanese Designer Furniture.

Furniture and accessories

If you are still looking for additional furniture or accessories for your Japanese bedroom, we can recommend our experts Connox home design recommend. There you will find a number of really chic designs, such as the seat island Koishi by Naoto Fukasawa and Driade, whose soft-bodied look is reminiscent of a stone cut from water and gently adapts to any environment.


Not only in Japan are screens - paper-covered sliding sash frames - a popular design element for interior decoration. With these send screens from Japan world create spaces, divide areas, disguise windows and niches, hide cabinet contents and create light walls. Especially in the bedroom, they are versatile and also bring along a decent portion of typical Japanese charm.

Traditional chest of drawers

Not all traditionally Japanese furniture is light and filigree. The metal-studded Tansu dressers are typical of the Japanese interior and look quite massive. But they also bring a very special flair and authentic character in your Japanese bedroom. This one we have with our experts from Takumi discovered.

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