21 garden paths that you can put on a weekend

Garden paths are one of the things on the property that we do not really come across. We need a paved way to
Terrace, to the dumpsters or to the vegetable patch. However: like us one
Design garden path now is as diverse as our own taste. From
Stone and pavement over gravel to wood and bark mulch are the material
barely set any limits. However, they differ, what the cost and
Implementation concerns. We have compiled a list of 21 ideas.

2. Plaster stones - building block for eternity

Such paving stones, for example made of granite, are a wonderful way to make garden paths. Due to their extreme density, they are well protected against water, frost, salts or chemical agents such as weed killers and last almost forever. 

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3rd split

The interstices of such landscaped paths can be filled with fine split. It is available from specialist retailers in many grain sizes and is delivered in large bags directly to the property. Comfortable!

4. Paths made of natural stone

We are looking for a garden path that is a bit more stable? A garden path, which was laid out of a mosaic of natural stones, looks fantastically romantic and lasts for many years. However, we need a bit of patience for the installation: the individual stones must be selected, assembled and later fixed with mortar.

5. Wood old railway sleepers

Discouraged sleepers are incredibly robust and can be used well for garden paths. However, it is important to first inform us about which chemical agents treated the wood and then evaluate whether the pollutants are contained. 

6. Clean and always neat

Black flagstones in such a light gravel always look sophisticated and elegant. Just with the adjoining pool in the background will make a nice atmosphere. Tip: Equip the substrate of the gravel with a weed fleece or a foil so that weeds have no chances. 

7. Playful pattern

Has anyone said that garden paths should always look the same? The more individualized we make them, the more memorable they are for you and your guests. 

8. Garden paths in the ZEN look

If you like the Asian look, you may want to try out such an Asian garden. Many of the plants that originate from the Asian region can be well planted in our Central European climate. Especially in combination with gravel, wood and maybe a small waterhole, a great arrangement in the ZEN design is created. 

9. Flower discounts

Flowers along the way enjoy us again and again. So why not decorate your own house with the beds so that they glow with cheerful flowers during the summer months. 

10. Always popular: the combination of stone and wood

Garden paths are particularly beautiful when we combine several materials. The combination of wood and stone is becoming increasingly popular, as we see in the next picture, for example.  

11. Walkway slabs in the lawn

It does not always have to be a garden path, is it? Treadplates in the lawn enjoy great popularity, because they are easily laid in the lawn without much foundation. And the costs for it remain completely relaxed. 

12. Filler plates in the split

Such garden projects are very modern, placing the stone slabs on a large pebble bed. If the gravel in its grain size is small enough, the plates get a nice flexible surface, which is stable, but on which the plates can not break quickly. 

13. Patchwork effect

There are now many plates in the trade, which differ in their color gradients and vary. This is an optimal material if a patio floor or a garden path should not be quite so monotonous. Due to the color gradients, a living flooring is established. 

14. Simple and easy

Our property is on a hillside and the lawn is hard to climb up? A simple and inexpensive staircase can be realized by working with prepared logs that catch the level and function like a step. In between, you can pave. But it may also grow back lawn easily. 

15. Defined shapes in the garden

Garden paths and terraces become a real eye-catcher if we let our creativity run wild and implement geometric shapes, such as circles or curved paths as in our picture. 

16. Artistic components

Also this plant relies on artistic components: Hubs a path of elongated natural stone, the plant works more through elements such as gravel and stone than by plants. Alone the boxwood in the pebble bed provides accents. 

17. Lands on the hillside

We love different heights in our gardens. Here the steps are fastened with robust wooden elements, which provide a particularly natural underground with gravel.

18. Art coverings

Artificial materials like this artificial turf are really a matter of taste and we know that the ghosts are different. For some it is incredibly comfortable, for the others an aesthetic horror. 

19. Tropical as in the jungle

Hach, is not that wonderful? This small garden path, which consists only of simple concrete slabs, leads through a lush vegetation that reminds us of tropical climes. We think: A very cost-effective solution, which fits wonderfully here. 

20. Pergolas over garden paths

Let's come to a more elaborate solution, namely a pergola that extends over a garden path. Such pergolas are a wonderful idea, for example for climbing plants. Mostly they are made of wood. But also smaller and ready-to-trade solutions made of metal are possible. 

21. Quite simple: gravel paths

Sometimes we just need a very simple path that leads us from the house to the trash cans or a compost heap in the garden. Then it sometimes does a gravel path. However, it should be limited to the sides, for example by lawn curbs, so that it does not spread gravel. 

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