Which pool for your garden? 13 inspirations

With the warm season the garden becomes the absolute favorite place not only of the children but of the whole family. Soak up the sun during the day, have dinner together in the evening in a lazy breeze, and spend the night with pleasant temperatures while enjoying one or the other glass outdoors. Only one thing is missing to the perfect luck: the own pool. Whether for a quick cool down, to relax or just to bathe your feet in it.

A pool is always connected to work. But even with its installation, there is a crucial trick to minimize the effort. Instead of digging a hole, for example, a pool can be built on a pedestal. In addition, an established pool is far less susceptible to pollution. We have brought for you 13 spectacular and completely different high pools that invite you to swim and splash around. There is a suitable alternative even for the small garden. Take a look - and get refreshed!

1. Quick set up, classy decorated

Probably the fastest way to build a pool in your own summer garden is the mini-pool with steel tube construction. It is quick to break down as if by hand, is easy to clean in everyday life and still finds its place in the smallest garden. Rightly, this type of pool is especially popular - and not only because of the lower entry price. However, that does not mean that it also has to be particularly cost-effective. A large umbrella is not only practical, but also exudes a certain elegance. Paired with a high-quality gravel floor around the pool and a bit of green, this mini-pool also gains in charm. And once you're in the water, the price is not just a minor matter!

2. Practically everything in view

Another advantage of a high pool: Thanks to the increased entry, the risk that one of the pets or even the child accidentally falls into it, is much lower than with a ground floor pool. Of course you should not play dog ​​or offspring without supervision on the edge of the pool. In addition, many high pools have a neighboring platform, which is easy to get in and gives the illusion of a ground floor pool. Of course you should be more vigilant towards the offspring here. Thanks to the large picture windows and the open design, in this example you always have everything perfectly in view - whether from the daybed or the living room. 

Whether with or without pool, here are another 10 sensational examples of panoramic windows.

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3. With unusual momentum in the cool water

This particularly spectacular pool impresses with its boldly designed form, which blends in perfectly with the overall design of the garden. Everything resonates and yet is in perfect harmony with each other. The proportions are right. Barely visible from a bird's-eye view, this is a mix of ground-level and high pool. While you can swim a short distance in the larger compartment, the spectacular little pool is for pure relaxation. For example, after a long sunbath on the wooden deck. All in all a modern elegance, which reconciles the warmth of the wooden floor with the modern form of the garden - and at the same time knows how to convince with lots of water. And how incredible is the red lighting of the small pool? WOW!

4. A gem in natural stone

This mini-pool is a very original model, which relies entirely on the effect of natural stone. Completely correct, because the fascinating interplay of water color and the shimmering of the stone obviously adhere to something magical. With the extra dose of elegance you can hardly avert the view. You want to get in immediately and escape the stress of everyday life. 

The edge is also good as an extremely practical storage for refreshment and a small snack - for the physical well-being would be taken care of. And if not, the kitchen is right next door. By the way: The floor tiles on the lawn as well as the chairs absorb the shape and movement of the pool almost perfectly and create an absolutely harmonious summer garden feeling. Great ensemble that, with the help of our experts in gardening and landscaping, can become a reality in your home from dream to dream.

5. A pool on the recreation deck

The water basin in this example hides quite cleverly behind the elevated platform, which clearly serves as a recreation deck for residents and visitors alike. Two comfortable beach chairs and especially the upholstered bench by the poolside speak a clear language. Here is just relaxed. Maybe with an aperitif while keeping your feet in the water? The wood used is not only used for the terrace, but also for the wall design and creates together with the greenery a very harmonious atmosphere.

6. In the center of attention

Who has a larger garden, is faced with the question: Where should the pool be built? Why not just in the middle? So there, in the center of attention, where really everyone can see him? The advantage here is also in size. Thus, the pool can not only be built so that you can relax in it, but also can also operate sporty.

The interesting thing about this pool is the perfect framing in its environment. The meadow area was raised accordingly. Also, the wood of the terrace can be found as a floor material for the passage between the terrace and the porch again. The clear highlight is, of course, the glass front of the pool, which opens up great insights into the water feature, while you can sit relaxed at the table.

7. Transparent outer wall

The stylistic diversity in the area of ​​the pools is simply overflowing. The variant with a transparent design is always particularly spectacular. An outer wall that transparently exposes the view of the water and what lies underneath. You just can not get enough of that. Too bad that you can not be in the pool and at the same time you can look in from the outside. In addition, a transparent design conveys an openness that is particularly evident in noble materials such as dark wood or natural stone.

8. With impressive lighting design

As already mentioned, a high pool is not just about size, shape and location. No, it's always about how to skillfully put the selected elements in the limelight. On the one hand, the combination of pool and stone bed is especially beautiful and brings character to the garden. But on the other hand, a very specific element is still rarely used: light! Innovative lighting design makes any furnishing object a unique experience. This also applies to the pool in the garden. Thanks to its lighting, this high-quality stainless steel whirlpool looks like the ultimate relaxation paradise. With its bench, air bubble inflow channels and six massage jets, this pool keeps what the light promises.

9. The perfect water level

Water is a natural resource that, with its playfulness, is able to shake up any garden concept, no matter how rigid. Taming water is not that easy. This does not mean that it can not find its place as a pool in a modern home with a modern garden. 

This bungalow in a minimalist, modern style lives on with the least possible elements to carry a lot of transparency in the entire living area. Accordingly, the garden is designed. The water surface of this pool blends into this great living concept thanks to its perfect proportions - and makes the pool surface a unique water level. All the more surprising when you look at the fireplace, whose fire may well be understood as a complete contrast to the element of water. 

10. The charm of natural stone

Thanks to its imperfect shape and the subtle play of colors, natural stone always conveys the feeling of firmness and character. No stone wall is like the other. If you want to give your own personality to a pool, you will not be able to avoid the charm of natural stone. Its mighty walls not only protect the pool, but also all those in it. At the same time he lets forget that you are not at a real lake, but at home in your own garden. That's almost better anyway.

11. With a rural flair

A nice way to make the high-standing steel wall pool disappear elegantly is to simply build a wooden terrace around it. Surrounded by small paving stones, each pool finds the necessary strength. The natural material of this terrace invites you to linger by itself, while the bright tone of the water basin acts as a natural contrast. In particular, if on the terrace a comfortable lounge chair or a nice shady spot under the umbrella finds again. Especially then it attracts a magical. And for a moment Mediterranean, rural flair blows through the scenery. In the evening, lighthouses provide the necessary mood.

12. Maximum comfort

The entire pool landscape in a single word: WOW! The beautiful blue tones are not only classic water basin design, but give the cool water a natural flair. Like being in the ocean. This spectacular split-level pool not only has an adult area, but also a small area that is at least as good for relaxation as it is for your own children. The glass roof for the raised section also serves as a wind and sun protection and gives the whole thing a little extra comfort.

13. A decorative pool

If one thinks of garden design, then one sees different flowerbeds, trees growing to different heights and of course different areas in which one can relax in the deck chair. But also elevated pools can make a very decisive contribution to garden design. The various elements and textures of a pool are at least as decorative as a beautiful flower bed.

Of course, his main focus is the cool refreshment, but a pool can also be so much more than that. As the center of every well-being area in the garden his design always requires special attention. For more inspiration for your summer garden, whether with or without pool, have a look at our garden section. There is something for every taste.

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