7 cool ideas for concrete in the bathroom

Concrete is no longer just a building material that is purely functional. The mixture of cement and gravel has long since taken its place as a hip material, which is also used for creative and decorative purposes. Whether as a floor covering, for wall design, as a piece of furniture or in the form of home accessories - concrete is an absolute all-rounder, which ensures a cool, individual look and also makes a good figure in the bathroom. Like, the following pictures show. 

Keep cosiness

If you have already decided on a classic material such as ceramics for washbasins, bath tubs, etc., the design of the wall and floor leaves room for creativity. Definitely not wrong you are doing with generously cut tiles in the concrete look! The cool elegance of concrete and the purity of ceramics can be wonderfully combined. For cosiness and warm accents provides wood, plants can bring color into the game and set fresh accents. 

Bring color into play

The typical gray of the concrete can be wonderfully combined with colors. Be it beige, green or violet - the restrained, elegant tone is the perfect foundation to bring out the colors. The stand-out washbasin makes it perfect and the floor is a great highlight, which skilfully fits into the overall picture. You can also combine gray with gray in different shades as well.  

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Set contrasts

The white of the sanitary ware and the iridescent gray of the concrete are too uniform in color? With black elements in the form of faucets and home accessories such as picture frames, vases or even a faux fur you set a strong contrast, the details themselves become an eye-catcher.

You can find out how to use black in your bathroom in our matching Ideabook. 

Material combination makes it!

Concrete as a popular building material is versatile and can be wonderfully combined with other materials - especially with wood. In this example, cool modern meets charming rusticity. For the latter, especially the furniture, with the washstand and the cabinets are made of solid wood and provide a particularly expressive design. In addition to the natural look, the dark grain of the exposed concrete wall, which is an equally great detail, comes into its own.  

Think long-range

In addition to floor and walls, the gravel-cement mixture can also be used very well for the production of furniture. This is also proven by the narrow washbasin, which offers space for two sinks due to its elongated design. The noble-looking, white ceramic and the rough concrete together form an exciting combination that guarantees a wow-effect. 

For urban charm

This bathroom is different, as it reminds of the area of ​​train, train station or airport. This is ensured by its urban charm, which you can also create with concrete. The rounded windows also make you feel like you're on the move in a big city. Missing only the slight jerking. 

Playing with styles

You like the classically elegant look? No problem, this too can be wonderfully combined with concrete, as this inspiration proves. Black and white as timeless colors have found a perfect partner in the gray of the concrete. Marble and the high-gloss trim make the result look particularly dramatic.

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