12 ideas for a designer bathroom with wellness factor

In addition to a large living area, a beautiful bedroom and a functional kitchen is usually no place for a large bathroom. Residents of an old building often complain about a shower in the kitchen or a toilet in which you can not even turn around. But since we spend a lot of time in our bathroom every day and occasionally want to take a soothing bubble bath, the bath should also be a place where we can feel comfortable and relax. For this reason, a new trend has been set: a great designer bathroom. In a large designer bathroom makes the teeth brushing fun, the shower is an experience and bathing the highlight of the day. Harmonious colors and materials as well as modern sanitary equipment can do wonders in a bathroom. If you are planning a new house, you may like to plan for more space for the wellness oasis. Everyone else can be reassured: Even a small designer bathroom can be beautiful and make the right impact. In order to inspire you, we would like to introduce you to some successful designer baths in this article.

Bathing with sloping roof

In single-family homes, we often find a sloping roof on the upper floor. But that is no obstacle to set up a nice designer bathroom here. A bathtub is also a place of honor under the slope and by positioning under a skylight in the evening the stars can be observed. The swiss team of the by Mann Architektur GmbH The pinewood and warm white walls have created a cozy bathroom where you would like to spend time. The bathtub was set in a large wooden platform. This offers space for candles and lanterns, which ensure a pleasant, romantic atmosphere while bathing. The custom built-in shelf provides storage space for towels, shampoo and other beauty accessories.

Industrial design

As the architect Lev Lugovskoy Asked by a customer to turn the old Russian factory building into a loft, he faced a great challenge. The bathroom in the industrial look convinces with its coarse walls, which were combined with modern fixtures. The free-standing bathtub and the high-gloss fittings are a perfect contrast to the rustic wall design. The indirect light that emerges behind a beam, ensures a pleasant atmosphere while bathing. The uneven floor of natural stone stimulates the circulation of the feet and completes the designer bathroom in the industrial style.

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Showers like in the rainforest

The highlight of this designer bathroom is in any case the large, open shower. It is walkable from both sides and at an even height to the rest of the bath. In addition to a conventional shower can also be in the rain be showered. The head of the rain shower is attached directly to the ceiling and spoils with a warm, rainy water jet. In contrast to normal shower heads, the rain shower drops envelop the entire body and are particularly pleasant.

small bathroom - great effect

Even a small designer bathroom can make a big impact. The brazilian architects Anna Maya & Anderson Schussler show as well as a small bathroom can be cleverly staged. The light washbasin was positioned in a corner to save space and impresses with a bowl-shaped sink and a green planting. The harmonious colors of the wall design are cozy and show their best side by indirect light.

Looking out instead of looking

Maybe the designers of this example wanted to tell us something: there are more important things than the look - a stylish bathroom. Instead of attaching the sink to a mirrored wall, it finds its place under the window. A beautiful view when brushing your teeth can not be wrong. The cast-iron bowl on cherry wood is very trendy and also very robust.

Spa for the home

This designer bathroom robs all spa fans of breath. A walk-in shower and a Jacuzzi were the owners not enough - the space was enough for a private sauna. Who owns such a bath, do not need a spa holiday. The relaxing full program can be done after a stressful day at home.

Spacious bathroom for two

A freestanding bath is nothing new. A free-standing shower, however, you do not see every day. The minimalist designer bathroom in Bristol, England has some innovations to offer: The open shower offers enough space for two people. Two showerheads avoid getting on warm days on cold days fought becomes. In addition, a special edition transforms the also free-standing bathtub into a daybed on which relaxation and inner peace are preprogrammed.

Disco Shower

Cozy light plays a big role in a bathroom. Where other people use candles to enjoy a hot bath, the color light in this designer bathroom can be individually regulated, dimmed and adjusted to the mood. Decorative home accessories give the design personality and create a cozy atmosphere. The large shower becomes a highlight of the interior with its illuminated frosted glass wall, making daily personal hygiene a true experience. The exclusive use of cuboid elements creates a quiet overall result that combines style and elegance.

Bathroom with view

When we bathe, we want to relax for a short moment and forget the stressful everyday life. With a view of the countryside nothing stands in the way of relaxation. In this Japanese designer bathroom, which has slightly Asian-style features, the designers have created a spacious bathing and shower area separated by a glass wall. So water drops and small puddles stay where they belong. The large washbasin was placed on a washbasin whose wood is also found in the design of the mirror cabinet. 

Noble meets rustic

Funnily, the English cottage where the owners of this charming designer bathroom have their home is located in a place called Bath. Bath is the English word for bath, and fits perfectly with the theme. But Bath not only convinces with his name, but also with this bathroom. Roof beams, the preserved masonry and the raw floorboards meet with their rustic character on noble and modern accents. The pompous crystal chandelier spreads a pleasant light that appears through the crystals like glitter on the ceiling. The silver bathtub, the highlight in this designer bathroom, is particularly inviting in the interplay with the old fireplace. Bubble baths can be enjoyed here in a rural, romantic atmosphere.

A dream in white

White conveys a feeling of purity and cleanliness, especially in a bathroom. This designer bathroom, which is completely equipped with white fixtures, receives a maritime touch through the reed arrangements and a beautiful photograph. The wood-effect tiled floor, with its bright shimmer, adapts perfectly to its surroundings. In addition, bathrooms in the Scandinavian style often spread a sense of peace and space.

A bath like in the open air

When it comes to relaxing in a pleasant environment, nature and living
united and positive energy to be released, were the Asians
always a bit ahead. The keyword: Feng Shui. The goal of
Chinese harmony is characterized by a special design of the living and
Habitats to reconcile man with his environment. This
Designer bath is the epitome of harmony that the Chinese have for centuries
convey. Floor-to-ceiling windows connect the bathroom with an idyllic one
small garden. The view pleases the soul and is also at the short
Brush your teeth a pleasant side effect. The wooden wall and
Faucet design let the designer bathroom like a natural swimming area
Act. If you have to dream a little longer, but still want to beautify your bathroom in the apartment, here are great tips.

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