9 trends for the bathroom in 2018

The bathroom trends for 2018 show that the bathroom should be extremely functional, comfortable and at the same time sustainable. So far, the bathroom has often simply had to fulfill its purpose, the demands on this room have increased and it should not only be functional, but also invite you to linger. How this works best in 2018 is shown in our Ideabook.

1. built-in furniture

The matching built-in cupboards ensure that everything in the bathroom can flow - from the water to the design. This shelf solution, which has been perfectly integrated into the room structure, offers plenty of storage space and at the same time creates coherence. With their built-in light bar, these furniture also contribute to lighting design in the bathroom. 

2. Waterproof wallpaper

Impressive you can hardly design the decoration! An entire wall was here furnished with a motif wallpaper and emphasizes the love of nature. It is important that the wallpaper is suitable for wet rooms and that even a few drops of water can not harm it.

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3. Glazed bricks

Bathrooms in retro-chic are also in the year 2018 announced. Glazed tiles, available in all sorts of colors and finishes, which combine perfectly with modern sanitary ware, contribute to a modern design with a retro touch.

4. Vintage furniture for the bathroom

As hip as the retro design are bathrooms in vintage style. To this contribute in this bathroom next to the sink with visible pipes, the wall colors and the wood paneling and the matching decoration.

5. Niches for objects

If you have little space in the bathroom, you will be delighted with this solution! Niches are also in full swing in 2018! They not only look stylish, but also create storage space, for example in the shower, where no shaky shower tray is needed anymore.

6. Marble

Marble never goes out of fashion. Whether it's trendy bathrooms or classic-style bathrooms, the material is popular for use with shelves, as well as in the design of floors or walls, and can be easily combined with other materials such as wood or metal.

7. Water-saving taps

Sustainability is still an important issue in the bathroom. The best and easiest way to do this is with the installation of water-saving faucets and shower heads, which make an important contribution to the environment and yet can be chic and practical.

8. The bathroom becomes a living room

Who in the bathroom value wellness and pampering moments will be thrilled by this bath. Here, the soul is spoiled thanks to the selection of the right materials and furniture for the bathroom. Highlight in this bathroom are the small details made of brass, combined with retro tiles, a freestanding bathtub and a natural wooden floor.

9. A seamless shower

Showers that manage without a step and are installed flush with the floor have long been in vogue. They are only stopped by showers that manage without joints. They create a particularly exciting, modern design and ensure a homogeneous atmosphere in the bathroom. It is important to harmonize all details and to keep the other sanitary objects and furniture as minimalistic and clear as possible.

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