Table decoration for every taste

Whether festive, modern, reduced or glamorous - when guests come, we like to give the table a very special touch. Depending on the occasion,
Season and personal taste there are probably endless
Ways to decorate a table. We have a few for you
different examples and helpful tips for an appealing table decoration


It does not always have to be the sumptuous blackboard with heavy tablecloths, elaborate flower arrangements, artfully arranged napkins and majestic gold edged tableware. Even a minimalist table can look very classy and stylish, especially if it is all white, as seen here. The decoration is limited to the essentials and a cheerful bouquet of flowers provides a vivid splash of color between all the pure white.


A classic table decoration is reduced to the essentials, but without forgetting anything. Here is in favor of the powerful
Contrast between the dark table and the bright decoration on a tablecloth
waived. Instead, the bright sets form a charming accent. polyphonic
Details in light blue loosen the classic black and white of this table decoration
stylish. For an eye catcher makes the oversized, but still simple
held bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table.

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Often, elegant banquets are a little colorless. That does not have to be, because even with colorful accents you can make a table noble. From colorful glasses and plates to a colorful bouquet of flowers to gaudy napkins or even a colorful tablecloth, you can bring color and life into play. However, you should not overdo it and make all the elements in all the colors of the rainbow - unless you decorate the table for a children's birthday.

tone in tone

All-white festive tables are not uncommon, but you can also make the table decoration in a different color tone-on-tone. How about, for example, with noble gray? A monochrome designed table looks modern and elegant at the same time. For it simply plates, placemats, glasses, napkin rings and cutlery in different shades of gray to vote on each other and already results in a harmonious, stylish overall picture.

Festive and elegant

For special occasions with an elegant, festive table decoration the tablecloth must not be missing. Generally, she sets the tone of the table and accordingly dishes, cutlery, napkins and all other decorative elements are matched to their color. In pure white or elegant cream tones, the banquet table looks particularly classy. The materials of the napkins, the cutlery and crockery as well as the flowers should be as high-quality as possible in the festive-elegant table decoration.


Anyone who finds a classic-elegant table decoration too boring can set exciting accents with unexpected details. Whether it's glasses in all the colors of the rainbow, wild patterns on the dishes, abstract placemats or an extravagant bouquet of flowers - anything that pleases is allowed. After all, as a host, you can be a bit stubborn and decorate your table the way you like it.

Of course, rustic

Sometimes it's the simple things that give the most pleasure. This is often the case in the kitchen, but also in terms of table decoration. As chic and stylish as elegant, modern, classic and festive tables are - most of the year is over and for the majority of our meals they are simply over the top. Those who invite their friends or family for a delicious, simple and informal meal should take care that the table is not overdressed. A natural and rustic decoration with simple means is just the thing. Simple table runners and linen napkins, tealights in colorful glasses, a self-picked bouquet of wildflowers and also seasonal elements such as some squash on the table, chestnuts or pine cones complete the simple, lovingly set table and are a perfect match for a casual occasion.

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